What To Do In A Car Accident: Do’s And Don’ts After The Crash


Car accidents are prevalent everywhere in the world. It’s evident that car accidents are significant sources of financial strain, injury, and, unfortunately, death. Because sometimes we cannot prevent car accidents from happening, the question is: what you should do about it? What are the dos and don’ts after the crash?

What to Do in a Car Accident?

What To Do In A Car Accident Dos And Donts After The Crash

Here’s a guide to assist you on what to do after a car accident and what things you must avoid.

1) Do call the police and lawyers

First things first, you must call the police after the car accident, whether you’re the victim or at fault. The authorities will help you file a police report. The police report will be invaluable when you speak to your insurance company or determine who is at fault when the case goes into a trial. If you sense that you need legal help, check out legacycaraccidentlawyers to acquire legal services.

2) Do check everyone’s safety

While waiting for the police to arrive, the second thing you must do is to check yourself if you got injuries. If you’re okay, proceed to check all your passengers and the passengers of the other car in the car crash. If anyone is injured, you may perform first aid if you know how. If not, call 911 and ask for professional medical help.

3) Do take photographs

Once everyone is safe, you should also take photographs of the crash. Your photographs will serve as evidence for your case and help the authorities in the police report. You may use your phone to take photographs of all vehicles that were affected in the car crash. If ever there are injuries, you may also take pictures of these to serve as evidence.

4) Do document witness and driver testimonies

Ask for the contact and insurance details of all drivers involved in the accident. If there are witnesses to the crash, you may also want to ask for the contact details of the witnesses in case their testimony will be used in your case. It may be difficult for you to remember everything that happened in the accident, especially if you came from a long drive or road trip. This is why it’s also important to ask the driver and witness accounts of the crash and to take note and write down everything that happened.

5) Do go to the hospital and seek medical attention

If you’re injured, you should definitely go to the doctor to get medical help. Moreover, medical documentation is also needed to file your case. However, sometimes, there are cases when injuries from car crashes don’t reveal themselves immediately and are only noticed after some time. Because of this, you must visit your doctor even though you think that you are not severely injured just to make sure that everything is fine.

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6) Don’t admit fault to anything or apologize

Whether or not you know it’s your fault, never admit it when speaking to the other driver, witnesses, the police, and your insurance company. Because of the trauma, causing lack of judgment, you may end up blaming yourself for an accident that was not entirely caused by you. By admitting that you’re at fault and apologizing, you’re implicating yourself in your own case and admitting legal or financial responsibility for the accident.

7) Don’t leave the crash scene or move your vehicle

If your car is not badly hurt, you can be tempted just to drive away. However, if you leave the scene, it just makes the situation worse. You must stay at the scene of the car accident, gather information, and talk to the police even though the accident may or may not be your fault. This is crucial because if you run off, it may look like you’re guilty and may implicate you in the crime.

8) Don’t give an insurance statement

When you call your insurance company, don’t give an insurance statement right after the accident. Your statements could be twisted and used against you, so you have to be careful. Should your insurance company require you to give one, consult a lawyer first?


After a car crash, you might feel overwhelmed, shocked, or scared. However, if you take this guide to heart, you’ll know what to do in case a crash happens and you’ll be fine.

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