What is Jio juice App? Will It Be Useful To People Just Like Jio 4G


Jio Juice App : It is a new update recently announced by Reliance which says Phone Thirsty? Jio has been in news since day one, Wether it is about 4G Internet on Android and iPhone or the Jio App. Reliance always comes up with new updates very frequently to keep users attracted with Jio and it’s products.

What is Jio juice App? Will it be Useful to iPhone Users?

At the moment their is not much information about Jio juice on the internet and we are sure our team will be the first one to update you about it, But don’t worry Jio has given a small hint as to what the new update will be all about. Jio has shared a poster on Twitter mentioning the word Phone Thirsty, We are guessing that it might be about more data pack which will not eat up a lot of battery charge.

Below is the Tweet by Jio about the announcement of Jio Juice

As soon as they posted about the Jio Juice update, it started trending on the Internet and everyone were making a guess about what the update might be all about. Some said it might be a new App, Few said it might be about the data usage and some made fun by saying Jio is coming up with a Mango farm.

Sanjay Bafna who is a famous telecom analyst tweeted about the update and further added :

Reliance Jio is soon launching #JioJuice !! But what could it be? App? New device? Something else?

Below is the tweet by him on Twitter


We really don’t know what it is going to be but we are sure whatever it will be, Users are going to get benefited with it just like the jio 4G plan which a common man can also afford.

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If rumours are to be believed, Jio Juice will be an App which will help mobile help in saving a lot of battery life and also clear junk files from smartphones. Only time will tell what exactly Jio will launch, Till then lets wait and watch.

Below is a video about Jio Juice App with all details

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