Nobody needs an introduction to the popular Bollywood movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge wherein Simran (Kajol) fell in love with Raj (Shahrukh) while touring Europe. This epic love story was full of romance where Raj and Simran went to exotic locations in London and fell deeply in love with each other.  The famous American movie Before Sunrise also depicted a heartwarming tale of two people who had fallen in love while touring the streets of Vienna.

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Travel and love are two dies of the same coin. For many people, travel is love. Whether you are a solo traveler, or you are on a vacation with friends, the cupid’s arrow can hit you at any place and any time. You may end up falling in love while travelling with a local or you may end up falling in love with a fellow tourist, and sometimes you may also fall in love with your tour guide. If you have fallen in love with someone while traveling, then you already know how it is and where the road leads to. If you are apprehensive about falling in love with someone while traveling then remember the old adage which says, “it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”

Have you fallen in love with someone while traveling?


Whether you are traveling for a month-long adventure to an exotic location or you are backpacking overnight to take a break from work, no travel is complete without the classic travel romance. For those who have already been down this road, they are aware that the love journey is difficult and full of thorns. There are many challenges that come in the way which typically wouldn’t arise in normal circumstances.

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Research says that travel puts you in the mood for love-


Long distance romances and distances do not work for everybody, but that doesn’t mean that they do not work for anybody. According to Intrepid Travel’s survey, around ten percent of tourists have fallen in love while traveling. It is known that when you are traveling, especially to have an adventure, your body is brimming with adrenaline. The higher the level of adrenaline in your body, the more likely you are to get attracted to people. While traveling, people are full of positive stress and energy, also, they are at their best behaviors. This ensures that the chances of people to fall in love with someone while traveling are high.

What happens next after you have fallen in love while traveling?

Find out if the feelings are real

The circumstances and factors of travel are such that it gets easier to fall in love while traveling. But sometimes in the holiday mood, we get overexcited and the love that we feel is just transient and fleeting. It is hard to determine whether the love that you feel is real or not.  Due to the adrenaline rush, we are more likely to find people attractive. Hence, if you have feelings for someone you have met while traveling, it is hard to say if it is love or just an infatuation. Traveling often leaves people in a state of euphoric intoxication, and this makes sure that we are not able to think straight, thus making us vulnerable.

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Do not put your guard down

The wise are cautious and avoid danger; fools plunge ahead with reckless confidence. If you have fallen in love with someone while traveling, then do not forget to proceed with caution. Looks are deceptive and all the glitters is not gold. It is important to not get carried away when it comes to falling in love while travelling in a new place. Travel romance is a risky and a touch and go thing. Keep your guard up at all times when you have feelings of love for someone you have met while traveling. Listen to your heart, if your intuition tells you that you shouldn’t pursue it then listen to yourself and drop it immediately.

fall in love while travelling

Check the logistics

If you have fallen for someone who lives in another country, then you will have to work out the visas and the regulations. Visit the embassy and get your papers ready if it is a cross-country romance. do a lot of planning and online research to find out the rules of the country where you would be meeting your lover.

Figure out the finances

Travel romance is expensive. The traveling, booking hotel rooms, and eating out is bound to burn a giant gaping hole in your pocket if you are in a long-distance relationship. Talk with your travel romance partner and discuss the finances with them. You can pool in your savings and pay for the travel expenses.

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Decide where you will live

While you are on a vacation, everything seems romantic. But when you go back to your regular life, things will get boring. Depending on your budget, mood, and preferences you will have to pick a place to live at while you are visiting him or her. You may choose to stay in a dorm if you are low on money but that place will offer no privacy. Or else you can book a suite at a luxury hotel but that is bound to cost a bomb.

Find if you are cut out for a long distance relationship

Not everybody can handle long-distance relationships. LDRs are exhausting, time-consuming, and expensive. do you hate not being able to see your significant other every day? Do you feel that physical touch is extremely important in a relationship? Is your schedule jam-packed and you don’t have enough time for a long distance relationship? If yes, then you probably should take things slow and reconsider.

Figure out how to introduce him or her to your family and friends

Your family is bound to frown and raise their eyebrows if you bring a stranger and introduce them as your significant other. Introducing your significant other to your family and friends is an intimidating and daunting task for some. Ask your significant other if they are comfortable and ready to be introduced to your family. When you make the introductions, make sure that your significant other is feeling at ease.

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