Do You Know Anil Ambani Was Mistaken As A Sindhi During College Days

The proud chairman of Reliance ADAG group Anil Ambani once said during his alma mater’s diamond jubilee celebrations that he was mistaken as a sindhi during his college days because of his surname ending with ‘ni’.

He said “I entered KC College in 1975. When I came here for my interview, for my admission, every person I spoke to spoke to me in Sindhi,” Ambani said. “Be it Kundanani, Bhambani, Nichani, Kevalramani and they also thought that Ambani was the same. For a moment, I thought that I got my admission at KC College because I have a ‘ni’ in my surname.

He further added “Well, I am extremely proud to have the surname Ambani. I am proud to be a Gujarati, and above all, an extremely proud Indian,” he said. Ambani is an alumnus of KC College, which is holding its diamond jubilee celebrations.

Anil Ambani said this in presence of actor Amitabh Bachchan Ambani’s mother Kokilaben and wife Tina Ambani.

Yes we know Ambani is one of the most successful business man in the world and he is not a Sindhi and is a proud Gujarati.

Every surname ending with ‘ni’ is not sindhi :p

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