Valentines Day Ideas For Long Distance Couples


They say absence of your partner on valentines day makes the heart grow fonder, but for many couples spending valentines day together is not possible because they don’t live in the same city/country, however there are many different ways by which you can express your love for your partner and today we have few Valentines Day Ideas For Long Distance Couples

Below you will be able find 7 amazing Valentines Day Ideas For Long Distance Couples

1) Buy A Customized Gift

Some of the most popular valentines day gifts are cards, candy’s, flowers but if you can’t spend your day with your loved partner then you should definitely buy them some handmade customized gifts. If your valentine has sweet tooth then you can always gift them chocolates with a touching message on a card.

2) Mail Them A Letter 

Well it might look outdated when you shit down to write a letter but penning down a love letter might look very romantic and your partner might feel special or you can always buy couples book and send them bunch of small notes with special message in each of them.

3) Have A Virtual Date Night

Well if you can’t spend valentines day together doesn’t mean you cannot spend some quality time on this special day. You can always arrange for a Skype date and have dinner together.

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4) Send Them A Gift Voucher To Their Favorite Bakery Or Coffee Shop

It’s time to make your valentine feel that you are thinking about them by gifting a gift voucher of their favorite coffee shop or a bakery. You can always gift vouchers of Starbucks.

5) Create A Love Playlist

If you know your partners taste for the music then you can always make a playlist of romantic songs from their favourite artists and create a CD and send it to them . This will make them feel special.

6) Celebrate On A Different Day

Well just because 14th feb is recognized as valentines day doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it on some other day and feel low about it.  You should make some amazing plans celebrate valentines day the next time you meet each other. Always remember everyday is a valentines day as long as you keep loving each other.

7) Plan A Surprise Visit 

It is very tough to spend valentines day without your bf/gf so all you need to do is book the tickets right now and surprise them with a sudden visit and have a blast on the most romantic date.

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