The heart is a major artery that we all require for living, but it’s also a great source of amusement! It transports oxygen throughout the body. In addition to being extremely useful, it is also a fantastic source of comedy.

There are many different kinds of heart memes. Here’s a collection of witty heart jokes to appreciate. We hope you enjoy reading these heart jokes and heart humor as much as we do. We had a great time putting it together and believe it is unbeatable!

50+ Funny Heart Memes To Impress Your Crush Right Now

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1) What happened to the boy who didn’t show up for his cardiology lecture?

He was afflicted with a heart attack.

2) My grandpa got a lion’s heart

And of course a zoo prohibition for life.

3) In medical school, how do they choose cardiologists? Do they seek those who are true to their hearts?

4) My friend got me 1⁄2 a flower and a bag of ten chocolates, of which only five were left: it appeared to be a clumsy attempt.

5) I used to suffer heartburn every time I ate birthday cake: now points out that you should remove the candles beforehand!

6) Q: On Valentine’s Day, what did one drum say to another?

A: My heart skips a beat for you.

7) My boss has a child’s heart.

In a jar, to be precise. On his table.

8) The year before his death, Steven Hawkings suffered a heart attack.

They brought him to PC World to get him repaired.

9) Why was the pianist taken to the hospital after his most recent performance?

He gave all he had!

10) What happens when a heart surgeon tries his hand at stand-up comedy? The audience is feeling nauseous.


Heart memes and jokes are always entertaining. You may use them straight up or mix them in when the topic goes to love, romance, or when chatting to a medical student pal!

Some of them are really very smart! We are bombarded with corny heart memes and jokes, and those are all clever stuff and refreshing. In any case, knowing a few of them will provide you with a chance to make your pals smile, laugh, or groan.