While it might be a dream to win a lottery ticket forget about winning millions, a man from the US won a $1.35 billion jackpot. In January 2023, a man from the US won an enormous $1.35 billion in the Mega Millions cash draw but the fortunate individual has chosen to remain anonymous to the public.

The only person he told was the mother of his daughter, hoping to keep the wonderful news secret from the public. It is reported that the man who won the jackpot gave his wife strict instructions to hide his winnings from his daughter the month/year their little girl turns eighteen that is until June 2032. To be more explicit, the overly protective father insisted on his wife signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in order to keep the news private even from his daughter and parents.


According to a lawsuit, his wife and the mother of his daughter, Sara Smith, had consented to sign the NDA and hold her ex’s prize money a secret. She signed the NDA on February 8, 2023, and it was supposed to stay in force until the couple’s daughter turns 18 on June 1, 2032.

Accoring to The People, an American magazine, the man chose to accept his massive prize in one huge lump sum of $723,564,144 (after taxes) instead of receiving his astounding prize in instalments.

However if the mother of his daughter ever leaked his lottery victory to anyone even his family members, she would have to notify him within a day. Despite her agreement to keep the news private, the woman called the man’s father and stepmother to inform them of his mega win. As a result, the news spread like a fire and the man’s sister learned about it as well.


“As a result of defendant’s unauthorized disclosures, John Doe has suffered irreparable injury,” the document said.

The lottery winner who went by the name John Doe in the lawsuit is now requesting his wife to reveal who else she informed about his winning. According to the reports, John is also requesting a minimum of $100,000 for each instance in which his wife broke the agreement. The man is also currently suing the woman for “all reasonable attorney fees, expenses, and court costs incurred in the prosecution of this lawsuit.”