Two Guys near Sama Area tied female Dog with a leash dragged her on the road at the speed of almost 100kms/hr for upto 2 kms.

dog dragged on road for 100 km:hr

Luckily two courageous Barodians Mayank Salunke & Darshit chased the bike and stopped them. But those devils left the dog and drove away the dog was injured and had Skin scrapped ..

Two Crual Vadodara Guys Tied A Female Dog and Dragged her On Road at 100km:hr

They called Neha Patel domestic animal activist, and all of them filed a complaint at Sama Police Station against the unkown bikers at around 1.30 am. Police Inspector Mam Chetna Chauhan has assured to take necessary immediate action.
Darshit Patel shot this video for Evidence.

Police have identified and arrested both the culprits name SONU and VIKRAM at Sama Police Station.
They did it for fun, no reason was given for such act yet.

Checkout the full video below

News Source :- Our Vadodara

All Images Via Our Vadodara