MSU BBA in Vadodara has always been known for it’s large-scale events and the all rounder students. From their in house published magazine to state level BBA BAAZIGAR, they’ve got it all. Let’s find out what makes them and the college stand out.


  1. They have the perfect balance of academics and co-curricular activities:

From time management skills to optimum utilization of the available resources, they are the masters of everything. Thus, making it as easy as cakewalk for them to balance their studies along with everything else.



  1. Once a BBAite, always a BBAite!

The spirit of the place is such that no matter where you go or how old you get, you will always cherish the memories that you made in the college.


  1. You are a different person after you leave the college.

Msu bba is not a college, it is life itself. In the three years of your journey at the college you will learn a lot of unsaid lessons and when you leave… lo and behold! You are a totally new person with new skills, experiences. This college will help you discover who you actually are.


  1. You befriend people from different and varied backgrounds:

This is where you meet people that will be there for you for the rest of your life. Regardless of where they come from or where they belong to, you will make your memories with this crazy bunch of people.


  1. From an open football tournament to the in-house publishing of their college magazine, you’ll witness it all here!

Life at MSU BBA is filled with new things everyday. Doesn’t matter whether you are a sports person or a writer, there will always be something going on in the college that you can participate in.


6.The MSU BBA students’ association is one of the most active students’ body of the university.

They know how it’s done because they’ve been doing it since years and that’s what makes them succeed in all their endeavors. No matter what you throw at them, they will always find a way to overcome it.


  1. They know how to celebrate their festivals.

Whether it is a national festival such as the Independence Day or Diwali, the college brings all it’s students together to multiply the happiness.





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