All around the globe people celebrate and welcome the new year as per their various practices. Various cities have their own way to celebrate the new year. Mumbai is India’s largest Metro City and is considered as the heart of the country.

For Mumbaikars, Local is the lifeline of the city. If you have ever been to Mumbai, it is a higher possibility that you must have enjoyed the joyride of the Local Train.

mumbai local

However, the incident we are talking about is very rare and only a few people get to witness it.

How do the Mumbai Locals Celebrate New Year?

A Twitter User Rajendra Aklekar posted a video of the celebration,

It is a tradition of Mumbai Locals for last many years! Whenever the clock struck 12 at the midnight, all the locals at the CSMT Station in Mumbai honk together and welcome the new year.

People, who were not aware of this tradition were extremely shocked. While the people who were already knowing about the tradition really enjoyed this moment as shown in the video!

On one hand, there are many people who are welcoming this move of the Local Trains.

Whereas, on the other hand, there are people who are raising voice against the way Local Trains are welcoming the new year.

Like many other people, even we were not aware of this tradition of Local Rails. What is your opinion on the way Local Train is celebrating the New Year? Do share your opinion in the comments.