Birdwatching has increased in popularity in the past few years, turning into an exciting way to celebrate nature and its finest wonders. More and more groups of enthusiast newbies are willing to wake up super early in the morning and even travel in remote areas to be able to observe wild birds in their natural habitats and learn more about their lives.

If you’re planning a birdwatching trip anywhere in the future, perhaps these tips will help you enjoy your experience more.

Find the right gear

Birdwatching isn’t very expensive and, unless you’re a pro, you can work fine with borrowed or second-hand equipment. By far the most important tool you will require is a pair of fine binoculars that will allow you to see clearly from a considerable distance.

Apart from the binoculars, you may also want a high-quality photo camera to capture some of the most candid moments of the birds’ life in their natural habitat.

Don’t forget about clothing and accessories either – most of the times you’ll need to blend in with the environment to avoid scaring the birds, so camouflage prints or earth-like colors are preferred.

As for the shoes, we suggest a comfortable pair that will keep your feet warm, cool, and dry throughout the day, no matter the temperatures outside. Bear in mind that most birds enjoy the morning coolness, so you’ll have to wake up early and face the fog and the low temperatures to be able to see them properly.

Find the right spot

Although there are some cities in which birds can be watched from afar, most breeds prefer living in the wild, in remote and unpolluted areas. Therefore, you’ll need more than a good bluebird feeder and some quality seeds to lure them.

You’ll have to secure a vehicle until the destination if you truly want to experience nature and its beauties, and get a shot of some rare bird species. Thus, if you don’t know the surroundings too well, perhaps it would be better to turn to a tourism agency specialized in birdwatching tours.

Prepare for high prices as most of these trips will get you to travel to remote areas all around the world, including in Spain, England, Brazil, Japan, Romania or The Galapagos. Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy the full experience so that you won’t have to worry about anything except the birds.

If you want to be closer to home, there are plenty of amazing birdwatching tours you can sign in for in the United States alone. Places like Colorado, Texas, and Florida are packed with a wide variety of bird species that you’ll get to see up close during their spring migration.

Hawaii and Alaska are also great destinations where you can enjoy wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. And, if you want a more affordable solution, you can always plan your own trip and search online for the best times to go birdwatching.

Be patient

Birdwatching, just like fishing, isn’t for everyone. Some may find it dull and utterly boring as most of the time you won’t do anything but wait. No one guarantees you’ll actually get to see the birds, so it looks more like a lottery.

Some flocks change their location almost daily and they’re hard to catch, while others will sense danger and strangers from afar and will fly away at the slightest unnatural sound.

The key is to be patient and prepare for the long day properly – pack the right gear and bring enough food and water to stay hydrated. Don’t forget to remain quiet at all times to not scare the birds away.