As an American marijuana enthusiast, you’re all set in your home state. You know which strains feel good, how to get them, and where to buy cannabis seeds (click here to see SeedSupreme site). The situation’s different abroad, so you need our list of top weed-friendly countries for your next vacation.

Stoner-Friendly Countries

Whether you blaze to relax, energize, or manage a medical condition, there’s no reason to go cold turkey while traveling. Multiple nations welcome stoners, letting you enjoy a puff in every corner of the globe.

Let’s look at seven prime spots for traveling tokers. From scenic islands to bustling cities, everybody can have their ideal holiday in these locations.

1) The Netherlands

The Netherlands has long been known as the mecca for marijuana tourists. The world-famous “coffee shops” ensure a higher vacation experience.

Weed is decriminalized in the Netherlands, but only coffee shops can legally produce and sell it. Don’t light up outside these establishments.

Get a camera and comfortable shoes while preparing for a trip to Amsterdam. It’s packed with museums and historical sites, promising hours of sightseeing. The city is a hedonist’s heaven, too, with a rich nightlife to keep you up till dawn.

2) Jamaica

We can’t discuss weed-friendly countries without mentioning Jamaica. The island paradise is best known for its Rastafarian population and flourishing ganja culture.

Recreational weed is decriminalized in Jamaica. Having up to two ounces can still get you fined, so it’s best to stick to the island’s Herb Houses. These establishments offer consumption rooms for tourists.

The nation’s lush topography is the dream of outdoorsy individuals. The rich rainforests and reef-lined beaches are breathtaking, whether you’re swimming, hiking, or lying under the sun. Take an afternoon to enjoy the British-colonial architecture with a camera, too.

3) Malta

Looking off the beaten path, we have Malta. This island nation is a tourist treasure, offering a blend of culture, nature, and nightlife. It’s also among the most progressive European countries in terms of cannabis.

Malta citizens can legally carry up to seven grams of weed purchased from the state’s social clubs. Tourists still don’t have access to these shops, but the friendly locals are likely to share.

The archipelago has a wealth of historical sights from the Roman, Moor, French, and British periods. The fortresses and temples keep you exploring for hours. Save your afternoons for sightseeing and spend the mornings in the crystalline waters of its beaches.

4) Thailand

Who’s in the mood for a Southeast Asian ganja vacation? Thailand used to have one of the world’s strictest drug policies, but it’s recently faced a wave of liberalization.

Recreational marijuana is decriminalized in Thailand. Public smoking can land you in trouble, but many shops have dedicated rooms for legal consumption. These dispensaries stock tropical strains at reasonable prices.

The country lets you choose your adventure. You can swim along the sandy shores, explore the ornate temples, or get lost in the bustling crowds on the city streets. In any case, you can count on a unique cultural experience.

5) Canada

Who said you have to travel across the globe to vacation with a fat blunt? Canada is a close-by destination for 420, guaranteeing budget tokers a high time.

Recreational cannabis is entirely legal in Canada. You can carry an ounce of weed purchased from a licensed dispensary. The law lets you light up in most places, from parks to designated smoke spots in bars.

The Great White North promises a wealth of experiences: each province has unique attractions to explore. Hike along the lakes, mountains, and hillsides and breathe the crisp air. Most cities have a family-friendly, cozy atmosphere, but party-goers thrive in Montreal.

6) Croatia

Croatia promises an electrifying yet economical European vacation. The country blends cultural influences from Western and Eastern Europe, offering the best of both worlds. It’s also relatively permissive of pot.

Personal-use marijuana is decriminalized in Croatia, but you can face a high fine for carrying it. To keep things safe, stick to completely legal CBD products. Bigger cities have cannabis shops with THC-free products for relaxation and enjoyment.

The coastal towns accommodate party-goers and families. Seafood restaurants, clubs, and cafes are everywhere. Besides the pristine beaches, you can explore tiny Old Towns in their yellow-stone-glory. Game of Thrones fans must also visit Dubrovnik to explore the streets of real-life King’s Landing.

7) Uruguay

The tiny land of Uruguay shook the world up in 2013. This South American nation became the world’s first country to legalize recreational weed.

Admittedly, figuring out how to find weed on vacation is tricky in Uruguay. Citizens may possess 1.5 ounces, but tourists can’t buy legal marijuana. The coastal tourism hubs are full of generous residents, though, and some may be happy to share.

The country’s green and grassy interior and beach-lined coasts offer a spectacular experience. The cities have art deco buildings, colonial ports, and port markets where you can soak in the culture. If you’re close by, don’t miss the cannabis tour in Montevideo, either.

Toking Across Borders

As the world becomes more accepting of cannabis, additional vacation spots where weed is legal will pop up across the globe. By the time you visit these stoner nations, you’ll likely have new ones on your travel list. Why not start today? Take your globetrotting higher in these seven gorgeous countries.

One final note: don’t take your stash across borders while cannabis is predominantly illegal. Shop local while traveling. When you return home, buy seeds to grow weed and continue the adventure.