The increasing span of electronic commerce has changed the way people purchase all of their products and services and the same is for automotive parts. Conventionally, buying automotive parts required visiting a car shop, where a burdened salesman tried to sell all kinds of parts of uncertain origin and pricing. Nice to mention that like with other things, purchasing car parts is also a touch away. many consumers are now switching to online owing to the following benefits-

A varied range of products

Have you ever visited your nearby auto dealership stores? How many products are available in their shop? Limited as they don’t have such a big space and capital to stock them. The offline stores can never be compared to the online store in terms of the number of products available. This enhances the possibility to get the parts you are searching as compared to the store located in your neighborhood. When you want to buy old parts (which are not so much known by every seller ) at the best quality and price, you would probably get disappointed from your area’s shops as the choice is too limited there. So the only way left is to browse them online to get the best of the pool.

Top 5 Benefits to Buy Car Parts Online

Ease of Searching

 How would you search automotive parts offline? You would go to the closest store, tell the seller about your requirements, he will search for you and provide you the part as per his understanding. Cars like grand vitara call for replacement with genuine products itself, hence it becomes essential that you buy through a reputed online store such as Boodmo. Although more chances are there that you would not feel satisfied with its services initially as you will be apprehensive about the quality. All you have to do is to google websites that provide auto parts like drive shaft. They have an inventory database set up which makes finding a part relatively easy. Mostly, customers can find them through the model and maker name of the car. It seems pretty easy that what you need is available in a few minutes. If you cannot find it on one portal, you can simply move to another. You would get the desired information in your hand within a couple of minutes without spending your precious time visiting the offline stores.

Ease of Purchase

It is a smooth and non-fatigue task to get auto parts online as you get to do it from everywhere -be it your home, workplace, etc. Many times, when you visit the offline authorized dealer for the desired part, they buy time to get it from the manufacturer of the part which takes months to be transported to you. This isn’t the case while shopping online. With a few fingers touches on your so-called smartphone, you would certainly be able to find the part you are looking for and also get it shipped to your residence. Also, you can take full advantage of return policy as the product can be easily returned without any worry if it is not as per your demand or is not fitting your vehicle.

Quality and price-both as per expectations

It is recommended to buy products from renowned websites as they are known for their quality at a cheap price, so you can be assured of that part and spend your earnings without any tension.

Price is lower than other counterparts as the product is directly supplied to you without going in the hand of a middleman. This 1st level distribution strategy eliminates the profit going into the pocket of agents and retailers. You can make sure about the company’s reliability by checking the opinions and reviews listed on websites before making your final decision.

If you are planning to buy original, genuine and reliable automotive parts in India then you can visit boodmo. Founded in 2015, boodmo is India’s largest online marketplace for automotive parts with a huge catalog of genuine and aftermarket replacement parts offered from over 400 suppliers across the country.

Ease of Purchase and Payment Methods

 Now when inventory databases are going automatized, search a product has become a time saving and efficient. Unlike offline methods where you have to carry money in notes, an online way does not require carrying physical cash. You would be redirected to a third-party website where you can easily pay using your Credit card, Debit card, Wallet, Net Banking or Unified payment interface (UPI).

payment method

Why count on Boodmo?

Boodmo is one company that specializes in bringing in the best deals on Automobile and car parts which are genuine and can definitely add value to their cars. Whether it is an old car that requires maintenance or wherein you need to upgrade your car into a dashing one, boodmo is one place wherein you can shop for genuine products at its best rate across the market. We are here to support you with the utmost retail rates so that you can enjoy the best of the products without burning a hole in your pocket.