Card games are undoubtedly the best sources of entertainment. Their versatility enables them to offer something for everybody. The merits of online games have been discussed time and again and clearly prove that they have a huge edge over a traditional pack of cards. In order to play with a deck of cards, one needs a proper setting or place and most importantly, the company of others. On the contrary, one simply requires his/her Android or iOS (smartphone) in order to enjoy the exciting online games.

A major part of our day is spent on the go…whether it is traveling across cities or to and from work, waiting for a mode of transport i.e., at the bus stop, railway station, or airport, or else simply waiting for an appointment. So isn’t it better to indulge oneself in some exciting online games and make travel fun!

Another advantage with certain digital games nowadays is the fact that once downloaded, they can be played offline too…perfect to enjoy long rides with limitless fun.

Come on let us find out which are the Top 4 games on Play store, perfect to play on the go.

1) Solitaire

A vintage card game, Solitaire can be played solo as well as in multiplayer modes. Available in free versions, this popular card game can be played while offline too.


A perfect combination that involves patience and teases the brain, Solitaire consists of beautiful graphics and personalised keyboards that make the game enjoyable and is very user-friendly with options for left-handed players. Timed modes increase the challenge factor for a better gaming experience.

2) Rummy

The most beloved and considered by many as the ‘king’ of card games, the popularity of Rummy has only grown in leaps and bounds since its debut on the digital platform. Fundamentally a game of skill and strategy that is based on the principle of the draw and discard, a player picks a card from the open pile or the closed deck and discards one card to the open pile.


An immersive gaming experience made more attractive with impressive bonuses and offers, every Rummy game along with its variants basically has the same requisite; melding or arranging the 13 cards into sets and sequences.

Since the Joker is the game-changer, rummy websites even offer tips to newcomers on how to use this card. In order to make the gaming experience more interesting and realistic, popular Rummy websites offer game statistics, card animations, and advanced AI too. An ideal traveling companion, it is a grey-cell energizer from our stressful or mundane routine.

3) Hearthstone

A thrilling fast-paced game in which the player needs to think cunningly and strategize as per the challenges set by the opponents and try to turn the tables. The player needs to collect cards and combine them into powerful decks in order to duel with the enemies. The game also offers rewards such as in-game prizes and new cards and also features single-player adventures as well as multi-player games.


The goal of the player is to select a hero from the 30 cards offered, who is capable of vanquishing the opponent’s hero. Drafted Arena battles and ranked matches also add to the fun element of the game.

4) Crossword

Test your vocabulary and exercise your brain on the way to work! Crosswords have been around forever…now download the App on your smartphone too and play on the go, without being connected to an internet service.


These are the best games to play solo, as you wait for your bus or train or even on long and boring flights. These digital versions even offer word hints and letter hints to encourage the players; the grid automatically adjusts to the smartphone screen too! An excellent way to broaden your thinking combined with ease of playing in a fun way, thereby boosting your self-confidence.

Online games are the present and future of entertainment. User-friendly, engaging, and enjoyable, they keep the players constructively occupied on the go as time flies by.