Are you looking for the best drinking games? Well, playing the same game, again and again, can be a boring task. We, as a human, always look for something new, something more thrilling. So, if you are one of them looking to explore some new drinking games, then you are on the right page. Here I am going to list down the top 10 best drinking games of all time. So, without any delay, let’s get started-

10 best drinking games

Best Drinking Games

Drinking games are the best way to enhance your group bonding. You can use these drinking games to jazz up your boring house party, and it will let you enjoy your party even more. Drinking games can also be used to socialize with new people. To help you out choosing the best drinking game for you, here is my list of best ones-

Beer Pong

beer pong dinking game

Beer Pong is one of the most popular drinking games around. It is especially popular among college kids and teenagers. There are tons of different variations of this game. Everyone might have different rules to play it. However, the basics of the games require a table, a packet of plastic/paper cups, and a bunch of ping-pong balls.

To start the game, you need to set up 10 cups on either end of the table. Make sure that the cups are forming a triangle. After that, you need to fill each cup with around 1/3 beer. Once you are done with that, you will be ready to play the game. You can play the game with two players or by creating a team of a couple of people. Both teams/players should stand on either end of the table.

Every team has to toss the ball into any of the cups on the other side. If you succeed in it, then the other team has to drink the beer in that cup. The team who will clear all the cups of the opposing side first will be the winner of the game. It is definitely a fun game and worth trying.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever drinking game

There is no way you are not aware of this game. Even if you had not played it yet, you must have seen it in the movies where a group of friends are playing it. It is a very simple and easy game that allows you to get to know about your friends or company much better. There are not so many variations of this game, and it doesn’t require much stuff. It is a group game, so you need at least four to five friends to start the game. The more the players would be, the better you can enjoy the game.

To begin with “Never have I ever,” you just need to arrange all the players sitting firmly, forming a circle. After that, any of the players should start the game by stating what they have never done before with saying “Never have I ever done ……………” they just need to replace the blanks with what they have never done before. If any of the players have done that at some point in his life, then he has to drink. After that, you can ask them about that incident if they want to reveal and that’s how you can know them better.

Once done with that, you can continue the game, and the next player has to make a similar statement about the thing that they have never done with mentioning “Never have I ever.” There is a common rule that some people follow, some don’t. According to this rule, if no one is taking the drink, then the player who stated that statement has to drink the cups of other players, and then, he can change the question.

Kings Cup

Kings Cup best drinking game

Kings cup is a great drinking game that you can enjoy with your friends. The game is very simple and easy, and almost anyone can play it. It is also very popular with names like Ring of fire, Heroes, Jug Oval, A circle of death, and others.

To begin the game, it requires a deck of cards, some players, and of course, liquor. The rule is very simple. All the players should sit around the table and put a large cup full of beer in the center of the table. After that, you have to shuffle the deck of the card around the big cup and make sure that every player has their drink ready on their hand. Once everything is ready, you can start the game.

Each of the cards has an action assigned with that, and every player has to do that. After that, each player has to draw the cards one by one and perform the actions associated with them. The game ends when all of the four Kings from the deck have been drawn. There are certain variations people follow, but this is the basics of the game. Overall, it is a fun game that you should give a try.

Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is nothing more than a classic board game modified with some challenges and some boozy twists that makes it an exciting drinking game. You can play this game with your friends at parties and find out which of your friend is genuinely a Jenga master.

To start the game, you need Jenga blocks, a marker or a pen, and the drinks of your choice. After that, you have to write down some crazy different tasks on each block and then, arrange the blocks just the way we set up regular Jenga.

Once done with setting up Jenga tower, each of the players has to pull a block, and he must abide by the rule written on it. If the tower collapses, the player who is responsible for that must have to finish his drink and then, rearrange the tower and start the game. It is a fun game, so I suggest you come with some really wild tasks to make the game more enjoyable.



The chandelier is basically a child version of the Beer Pong game. It requires comparatively less space, but still, it is an equally enjoyable game like Beer Pong. To play chandelier, you need some plastic cups (n+1 to be precise, where n is the number of total players) and a ping pong ball.

To begin with, all the players required to stand around the table associated with a cup. You need to put a big cup full of beer in the middle of the table surrounded by the cups associated with all the players. After that, each player has to bounce the ball so that it falls on someone else’s cup. If they get successful in it, the other one needs to drink his cup. After that, both players have to flip their cups by putting it on the edge of the table and flip it to make sure that it lands on its mouth.

The last player to flip the cup will be eliminated, and the game goes on and on. If the ball falls in the middle cup, then all the players have to drink their cup and flip it, and the last one to do that will be eliminated again.


Paranoia drinking game

Paranoia is a game that can cause some discomfort among people. So, make sure to play this with the people who are comfortable with each other. Nevertheless, it is an awesome game to get some inside of what your mates think about you. To play the game, you need nothing more than some glasses and anything to drink.

First of all, all the players have to sit in a circle and then choose one person to start the game. After that, the person has to ask a random question to the player sitting on his right. The question must start with “Who”, and the answer must be somebody in the room. Then the second player has to answer by pointing to the person who they think it is. If the person who was pointed is interested in knowing the question, then he has to take a drink.

Flip Cup

Flip Cup best drinking game

Flip Cup is an excellent drinking game to jazz up your house party. You just need liquor and plastic cups to enjoy the game. To begin the game, you have to split people into two different teams with equal members. After that, you need to fill cups with beer. Make sure that each player will get one cup.

First of all, both the teams have to stand on either side of the table, facing the opponents. Now one has to start the count of three, and then the first two-player standing in-front of each other has to drink their cup. Once done, they have to put their cups on the confines of the table and then flip the cup. They have to try that until the cup lands to the upside-down position. Once a player completes it, the next player has to take their place. Whichever teams complete the task first will be the winner of the game.

Edward 40 Hands

Edward 40 Hands best drinking game

It might be the most extreme and fairly ferocious drinking game, but it has a lot of fun too. Two or more people are required to play the game. The game might look easy, but to be honest, it isn’t. To play the game, you just need two 40-ounce beer bottles for each person and duct tape.

To begin, one has to duct tape the 40-ounce beer bottles on each hand of players. They will not be allowed to take them off until they finish both of the bottles. It means, even if you want to go to the washroom, then you have to chug the beers first. Otherwise, you can wet yourself. Some people use variations like they set up a timer. If someone still has something left on their bottle even after the timer goes off, then they have to do something like a dare or anything similar.

Power Hour

Power Hour best drinking game

Power Hour is a game all about just drinking more and more. To start the game, players have to sit around and have to take a shot whenever the song changes. Each of the songs will play with a 30-second increment. For example, if the first song has been played for 1 minute, then the next one will be played for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

You can make your own rules to play the game. You can force people to dance on the songs, change the playback time, or almost anything to make it enjoyable. It is an excellent game to make any dull party interesting.


Quarters drinking game

Last but not least, Quarters is an awesome game to cheer up any party. To play the game, all the players have to sit around the table. After that, they have to choose the one to go first. Once everything is decided, you are ready to begin the game.

The chosen one has to bounce the quarter off the table to put it into the glass. If the shooter succeeds in it, he can choose any person playing the game to drink that glass of beer. If the shooter doesn’t make the quarter to put in the cup, he will lose his turn, and the person next to him becomes the next shooter.

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Closing Comments

So, there you have it – the top 10 best drinking games of all time. You can enjoy these games to cheer up the mood of your house parties to make them more enjoyable and exciting. Some of these games are fun and equally good to make your bonds stronger. It is required to have two or more people to play almost all the games mentioned in the list.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. I hope you enjoy playing these games. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. We will be happy to answer your queries.