Truth or dare is an exciting as well as challenging game. You need truth or dare questions to play this game. It is a perfect party game because it doesn’t need any prior preparation, props, etc. You just need a bunch of people who are willing to play this challenging game.  Truth or dare questions are an amazing ice-breaker for a party and they give you a chance to know your peers and friends in a better way. It is an amusing game which makes it a  great choice for a wild and crazy party. In this game, you can either ask questions to the player or else, you can dare him to perform any act.

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In truth or dare, Players are given options if they want to do a task (dare given to them) or if they want to answer any question that is asked to them. Dares are challenges that are given to a player and they must be completed.  If a dare is not completed then there is a penalty. The penalty is decided collectively by all the players. If a player picks the truth then they should answer the question asked honestly.

List of Wild Truth or Dare Questions

Choosing the right truth and dare questions is the sure-shot way to make the game entertaining. The same old and boring questions will just kill the party spirit. Some questions may be too foolish and they might end up embarrassing your party guest. On the other hand, some truth questions can be too monotonous and they will just make your party guests bored. You have to make sure that you ask the right truth or dare questions to your guests while playing the game to ensure that your party is crazy and wild. Have no fear. I did some research and weeded out the best truth or dare questions for you. Please note that these truth or dare questions are for adults and not for children.

Source- Life Hacks

Wild And Crazy Truth Or Dare Questions

Let’s find out the wildest questions you can as your friends or partner in a partner when you play truth or dare with them.

1) Who is the one person you would switch your sexual orientation to?

Who would you turn gay for or who would you turn straight for? Even the prudest of all would have to answer this question. Tip: Do not ask this question to bis*xuals or pans*xuals.

2) Have you ever had s*x with someone older or younger than you? What is the biggest age gap between you and someone you have had s*x with?

Get ready for some shocking answers. While in all practicality age gap doesn’t matter if both the parties are legal adults, but this still is a fun question as answers of people may differ from 4 years to 40 years.

3) If you wake up tomorrow as a person of the opposite gender, what things will you do that day?

Let the creativity flow and see how the person reacts when they switch their gender.

4) What is the worst illegal thing you have done? When did you do that?


Now, we have all broken law. Haven’t we? Did they speed? Have they ever jaywalked? Did they ever shoplift something? Did they run a red light? Or worse, have they murdered someone?

5) Where is the craziest place you have had s*x with someone?

Was it in the parent’s bedroom, behind a dumpster, or in a public restroom?

6) What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Brace yourself for some amusing and hilarious answers.

7) Do you have a crush on any one of the persons playing this game?

This question will attract everybody’s attention to the game. The wait for the answer itself would be as worthy as the answer.

8) What are the ten things or items that you have purchased but never used?

Everybody is a bit of a shopaholic and everybody loves to hoard stuff. Let’s see what interesting thing you have bought but never once used it.

9) What is the dumbest thing you have said to your partner during s*x?

We all lose control of our emotions during s*x and end up embarrassing ourselves.

10) Would you murder someone for a million dollars, knowing that they are a bad person and you know that you would never get caught?

Source- The Daily Beast

Would you actually take someone’s life if you knew that you wouldn’t face any repercussions?

11) What is your wildest s*xual fantasy?

Do you like licking feet? Do you like being tied up? Or, do you like diapers?

12) Have you ever been unfaithful to a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Nobody is a saint. We have all done some horrible things to others. Let’s find out if they have ever cheated on someone.

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13) If you could kiss anyone in the room, who would it be?

Will it be the well-dressed guy over there or the bashful girl? Or if luck favors, will it be the host?

14) What TV shows are you embarrassed about watching?

Chances are that in all probability the answer would be either Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

15) If you had another player to be your slave for the next fifteen minutes what would you have them do?

source- Paging Dr. Nerd Love

This is one of the craziest truth or dare questions that you can ask at your party. when you ask this question, every participant will wait with sheer excitement and bated breath for the answer.

16) If you are in a relationship, do you think about someone else when having s*x?

Even if they are in a relationship with someone they love, people may fantasize about others while getting intimate. Mmmm.

17) If you were to create an original s*x move, what would you call it?

Would you call it the Vaginator, Tongue Torpedo, or Octopu*sy?

18) If you and only one person were alive on earth, who would you pick the other one?

This is one of the craziest questions asked during truth or dare and that’s why we have kept it in the end part of the article.

19) What is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure of yours?

truth or dare questions
Source- The Sun

Do you love watching reality tvs like Toddlers and Tiaras? Or do you love playing Minecraft? Or, are you an adult who still listens to Taylor Swift?

20) What was the most embarrassing thing to happen on a date?

Did you end up getting too drunk and subsequently passed out? Or did you get a runny nose during the first kiss?

21) How many gossip blogs do you read a day?

22) What is the youngest age partner you’d date?

23) What is your greatest fear in a relationship?

24) What’s the most embarrassing text on your phone right now?

25) Have you ever stolen something from work?

26) Describe the weirdest thing you’ve ever done while inebriated.

27) Have you ever regretted something you did to get a crush or partner’s attention?

28) How many photo editing apps do you have on your phone?

29) How many pairs of granny panties do you own?

30) If you had to pick someone in this room to be your partner on a game show, who would it be and why?

31) What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of a crowd?

32) What’s one thing in your life you wish you could change?

33) If you could date two people at once, would you do it? If so, who?

34) If I went through your cabinets, what’s the weirdest thing I’d find?

35) Have you ever farted and blamed it on someone else?

36) What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done at work?

truth or dare

37) How many people have you kissed?

38) What’s your number?

39) Have you ever gotten mad at a friend for posting an unflattering picture of you?

40) What’s something you would die if your mom found out about?

41) What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?

42) Have you ever sent a sext?

43) Have you ever had a one-night stand?

44) If you had one week to live and you had to marry someone in this room, who would it be?

45) List one positive and one negative thing about everyone in the room.

46) What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have caught you doing?

47) What is that one thing you would never do for all the money in the world?

48) What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever posted on social media?

49) If you could hire someone to do one thing for you, what would it be?

50) What’s the most insane thing you’ve done to get out of a speeding ticket?


Make your Truth or Dare game more windy and entertaining and become the popular face of your friend’s group. Truth or Dare Questions game will also help you in understanding whom you should accompany and with whom you should not. We’ll add more truth and dare questions to this article. Keep visiting the Don’t Get Serious