Going on a motorcycle journey is not as simple as it may look in the beginning. Limited carrying space imposes smart and frugal packing, while the weather may not always be in your favor. Don’t also forget about the dangers that you might come across too, including motorcycle malfunctions, and you may have to reconsider your journey.

Best Motorcycle Boots

Nevertheless, riding your bike alone on the highway with nothing but the wind bothering you helps you clear your mind and see the world from a different perspective. So, in order to keep you safe, here are some easy tips you should follow.

Consider the season

The first thing you should consider before taking a trip on your bike is the season you are going to face. Ideally, a road trip between May and early October is the best because the weather is warm and you get enough hours of sun daily.

However, take into account that the summer months will be hot so you need to wear appropriate gear to protect you from prolonged sun exposure and its harmful effects.

If you plan on taking a road trip in the United States, some states like Florida, Nevada, and California have warm temperatures year-round, meaning you can even take your bike for a spin in wintertime.

Safety first

Safety is not negotiable so you need to make sure the gear you’re wearing is appropriate. The helmet should be made of thick materials and should protect your head from impacts and shocks.

A leather jacket that is waterproof, windproof, and comes with enough padding to absorb impacts is also mandatory, along with some decent biker boots. A cool pair should be comfortable and shouldn’t cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars while keeping you safe anytime you get in the saddle.

Add a pair of leather, weather-proof gloves and you’re ready to go on your well-deserved trip.

Pack smart

With limited space available for your belongings, you need to be smart. Wear season-appropriate clothing but don’t forget to also add a few warmer clothes for the cold summer or fall nights. You shouldn’t change your outfit daily but should pack enough t-shirts to last you for the entire trip.

Don’t forget about a spare tire, an emergency repair tool kit, as well as a first aid kit for bruises, blisters, cuts, and other minor injuries.

Never go on a bike trip without sunscreen either, no matter how much you cover your hands and face with clothes and accessories. Wind and high temperatures will dry out your skin and may also cause sunburns or other skin problems. Lastly, consider some high-quality earplugs as well to keep your ears away from the noise and the wind on the streets while riding your bike.

Do a thorough bike check-up

Before going on your trip don’t forget to thoroughly check your bike for any leaks or damages that might cause problems on the road. Ask a professional for help or check it yourself if you know enough about engines and other motorcycle parts.

Rust or split paint might also cause problems considering factors like speed, wind, rain or harmful sun rays, so you should fix all these things a few days before starting your trip.

Be realistic with your daily mileage

The entire purpose of your vacation is to relax and unwire from everything stressful in your life, so don’t be too eager making long-term plans. It is best to simply ride and enjoy the scenery as much as possible, without worrying about how many miles you have until your next destination.

Therefore, we suggest to come up with a realistic daily mileage and also include a day in which you don’t do anything. Give your bike a well-deserved break and enjoy the local beauties, go to the pool, go for a drink or simply sleep in.