Math is a subject that every student, even the talented and intelligent ones find it difficult to study. When it comes to performing well in the Math exam, students generally panic and thus they face problems in finishing the Maths paper before time. Just because they run out of time, they leave a few questions unwillingly, and often it has been observed that the questions they leave are those which they could do very easily. It feels very disappointing to skip such easy questions. So keep in mind that time is an important aspect to perform well in the exam. So today we will tell you some tips to finish your Maths paper before time.

7 tips to finish your Maths paper before time

1) Stop Overthinking about a Particular Question:

There will be situations when only the partial answer to the question is known, in that case, skip that question and move to other questions to which you know the full answer. Hence your confidence will be boosted up and you will perform great throughout the exam with good confidence. You will even save a lot of time and you will be able to finish your Maths paper before time.

2) Know your exam:

It is really important to understand the exam you are about to take. In the class X Maths question paper, there are four sections A, B, C, and D having 30 questions in total and we have 180 minutes to answer these questions. So divide your time properly to finish each section within the allotted time.

  • For 6 marks questions spend around 10-12 mins which total to 1.5 hours.
  • For 4 marks question spend 5 mins on each of 12 questions which total to 1 hour
  • For the rest 0.5 hours solve the remaining 1 mark questions.

3) Make the Most Use of First 15 minutes:

The first 15 minutes are provided to read the questions but students generally skip the reading part and they just jump into solving the questions. If you will utilize these 15 minutes to read all the questions then you can make a good strategy to solve the questions according to your comfort. You can know which questions will be easy to solve and hence a lot of time will be saved.

4) Maintain Accuracy and Speed:

Try to avoid silly mistakes like (+,-,/,*) to save more time. Solve every question with full attention. You can use quicker methods in calculations to ensure you are saving time and your answers are correct.

5) Start with Something you can Really do:

Try to attempt questions that you find really easy and then move on to manageable questions then move to the difficult ones. This is to ensure that you don’t miss out on any question to which you know the answer. Hence your confidence will also be maintained throughout the exam and you can perform really well in the exam.

6) Keep an eye on your watch:

This is to make sure that you are going well with the time and solving according to your plan.

7) Difficult Questions – Take it Easy:

It is natural that when you come across a difficult question you start to panic but it is advised not to get worried. The question might seem to be difficult but once you will start solving it, you will feel that the question is much easier. So stay confident to perform well.

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