If you teach children, you might have noticed they have a short attention span. In fact, you would be right if you’ve thought kids have a shorter attention span than those that came before them – science backs that up!

So with that being the case, finding ways to keep your class concentrated and engaged can be tricky. That’s why we’ve done some deep-diving research to figure out exactly how to do that. Check out our findings.

Three Interactive Ways You Can Make Learning Fun For Kids

Bring Biology to the Classroom

No, we’re not talking about the birds and the bees. Okay, that’s not strictly true. Our suggestion is to introduce a class chick to your children! We know that sounds chaotic, but hear us out.

It all starts with the egg, right? You can teach your class how to incubate chicken eggs while doing lessons on reproduction and animal biology. Then it will hatch, and the children can learn to handle animals and be responsible. And when it’s big enough to go out into a pen, you can even incorporate lessons about sustainability!

See, the options are endless… and who doesn’t want a cute little chick as a classroom assistant?

Take Geography Out of the Classroom

On the flip side, sometimes you have to take it outside. Geography can sometimes feel like a dull lesson when you’re stuck in a classroom watching a presentation about rocks. But do you know what is way more fun? Looking at rocks in person!

Take your class to a river where you can teach about sediment, erosion, and tectonic plates, where the kids can actually see the real-life takeaways. You’ll be amazed at how much more engaged they will be.

Incorporate Dancing!

Not only is dancing classified as a form of exercise and is therefore already on the curriculum (go on, switch out football for dancing!), we’re suggesting you go one step further. That’s because dancing achieves several things: it’s fun, gets your blood pumping (to your brain), and wakes you up.

So, in between classes, or when you notice the class is looking a little tired, switch on some Taylor Swift (other upbeat pop music is available) and get your kids moving!

It’s a tried and tested method of refocusing the class and gives you a well-deserved break as well. School shouldn’t always be taxing, after all.

Who Said Learning Had To Be Boring?

Keeping up with the times as a teacher can feel like you’re fighting a never-ending battle sometimes, but with these tips, we are positive you’ll see a change. Introducing interactive elements to the school day will refocus the class and make them realize how engaging your lessons are!

Our favorite thing about all of these ideas is that they are all cross-subject. You’re killing two (sometimes three) birds with one stone when you choose to give one a go. And more importantly, you’re showing the class the real-world implications of what you teach!