Scams in India are taking place like a fire and people are already frightened with the frauds taking places. One of the most popular scams in India is the crypto scam in which people easily lose crores of rupees. Recently, a doctor who is only 46-years old lost a good amount of Rs. 1 Crore in the crypto scam. Even though he though that the scheme in trustworthy, he fell into the crypto currency scam trap and lost the penny.

Mumbai Doctor Lost Rs 1 Crore in Crypto Trading Scam

The online era is going on and many people are doing businesses on digital platform to earn money. When lockdown took place, millions of doctors started providing online consultancy services via video calls to check their patients. This doctor met a girl online and after gaining a few knowledge about how crypto currency can make his life better, he started investing money in the crypto world. He used to follow the directions the woman used to give regarding money investment.

The name of the woman was Melissa Campbell. On a nice evening of 13th August, this gynecologist received a message on Facebook about crypto trading. At that time, the doctor unfortunately was not aware about crypto currency. The woman represented herself as an expert in crypto trading and the doctor started chatting with her to know more about how the crypto currency behaves and ended up sharing all the personal information including mobile number, email address, driving license number and more.

Slowly the doctor started spending money and bought various cryptos like USDT, ETH and BTC and eventually after a whole year, the doctor visited police and told everything about the fraud that took place in his life.

Currently, the investigation is going on in this matter and let’s hope that the doctor gets all the money back. Also, be aware that you shall never share your personal information or bank information with this kind of person who messages you on social media platforms.

Save yourself from these scams and enjoy life.