Mumbaikars are heartbroken! The reason is they won’t be able to use the ‘Premier Padmini’ or the icon ‘kaali peeli taxis’ anymore as their transportation medium. For the citizens of Mumbai, there was a very thin line between traveling from the local train and traveling from the kaali peeli taxis or the double-decker buses.

Kaali Peeli Taxis Mumbai

These transportation mediums were the cherry on the cake for this city and people never thought that they wouldn’t be able to travel in them. The Briihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) has recently announced that the era of the double-decker buses will come to an end after running on the streets of Mumbai for 15 years, and soon after this the retirement of the kaali peeli taxis was announced as well.

However, for the people and tourists, they are planning to preserve one “Premier Padmini” taxi in the museum because it is a classic car for the Bombay people.

Why Kaali Peeli Taxis are going Off the Road?

Are you eager to know why this kind of decision is made by the RTO? So, here is the reason why you will not see your favorite kaali peeli taxis on the road.

Everything on the planet Earth comes with an expiry date, and the age limit for cabs in Mumbai was 20 years which just got over. The Premier Padmini was first registered on 29th October 2003 at the Tradeo RTO and since then it ruled the Mumbai roads now is the time to transition to new cabs having enhanced features.

Message By the Owner of the Last Registered Premier Padmini:

Abdul Kareem Karsekar is the owner of the MH-01-JA-2556 which is the last registered kaali peeli taxi in the RTO, and when he came to know about the retirement he said, “The kaali peeli taxi is the pride of my life and Mumbai” which is true.

The love for the kaali peeli taxi will remain forever in the heart of Mumbai citizens and it is assured that nothing can replace the joy kaali peeli taxi had.