Did you know Switzerland is house for almost 450 varieties of cheese? There is no need to go to specific place to get their special varieties; it is everywhere! Besides Swiss cheese, everyone knows that Swiss watches are dominating watchmaking industry. Omega, rado, rolex grab your favourite one! We are sure you will think how will you make your day interesting when in Lucerne? we have list of things to do in Lucerne Switzerland to spice up a dull day.

Travelling to Switzerland could be economical depends upon the ‘tour pack’ you select. You can easily travel in economic budget for a week. If you dig more exotic locations, lovely heroines with chiffon sari, melodious songs, romantic movies clearly shows Yash Chopra’s love for Switzerland, after India of course!

things to do in Lucerne Switzerland

TOP 7 things to do in Lucerne Switzerland

Lucerne or should we say the heartland of Switzerland, located centrally on the shores of the lake Lucerne is surrounded by magical mountains; a perfect destination for your holiday you couldn’t say no to! If you are into art, woods, culture; Lucerne is waiting for you. Since the culture of Switzerland is classy patently, roll some exclusive classical costume but also keep some room for hoodies and sweatshirts in your suitcase.

1) Mount Titlis eternal snow trip

An aerial cableway ride from the alpine village to summit of Mt. Titlis is surely captivating experience. The trip usually consumes half day and you can explore many snow theme attraction on the top. Snow tubing, glacier cave, ice flyer chairlift would be icing on the cake!

2) Picasso gallery

Hello art lovers! Where can you see 133 Picasso’s? The Rosengart collection is one of the finest small museums where you can witness few impressionist work along with classic modern art and paintings.

3) Beauty of old town

After filling your soul with hills and art, now is the time to capture the charm of ‘old town’ of Lucerne. It is more suitable to walk around the city and be overwhelmed by historical buildings, shops, eateries, live music etc. Simple yet magical they say!

4) Spectacular Rhine falls

The train takes you conveniently right there. You can have an amazing sight of water streaming down and through boat you can go closer to the fall. Experience nature’s wonder, while wandering! Just imagine the view.

5) Local food – the mandatory one

Don’t let the ‘local-food-try’ slipped out of your mind, if you don’t want to regret later! Luzerner chugelipastete is a puff pastry filled with diced veal and mushrooms in a creamy sauce. Admit it! We, all have sweet tooth.

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6) Pilatus golden round trip

Taking a boat from Lucerne to Alpnachstad, conquer jaw dropping Pilatus with splendid views from the top. After having some leisure facilities on panoramic terrace you can descend back to Franknuntegee through ‘dragon ride’ and finally to Kriens! From Kriens you can return to Lucerne thus completing circular journey.

7) Swiss chocolate adventure

You can learn some interesting facts about discovery, origin, production, and transport of chocolate; yes you read it right! The Swiss museum of transport has gained further attraction. Fellow visitors, get ready to experience the chocolate adventure on an exciting journey. From 6 years old to adult anyone can enjoy this multi-media theme world. Interesting, isn’t it?

Hope you found our article interesting and had a great day our in lucerne after going through things to do in Lucerne Switzerland. Visit official website of Lucerne to find more details.