Speech recognition is one feature that’s getting more attention these days. It’s not surprising at all, though, when you consider the popularity of voice-enabled digital assistants. Apple has Siri, for example, while Amazon has Alexa.

Voice Recognition Technology in Gaming

As speech technology makes its way into the gaming industry, many find the feature convenient and accessible. It won’t be surprising for many users if it becomes integral to their gameplay. Here’s a closer look at how speech technology is happening and what it brings to the table.

How it Began:

In the early 1980s, RDI Video Systems developed a voice recognition-enabled game console, and it was the first one of its kind. With only two games released and 12 consoles made, the technology was still very young. Many of the challenges posed, like voice processing, still weren’t easy to overcome, given the available tools at the time.

It wasn’t until 2000 when Nintendo would release Hey You, Pikachu with the main character using a voice device. In 2008, EndWar was launched. It was a real-time tactics game. But what was notable about it was how users could play the game through voice commands. There were specific phrases that you had to use to get the game moving. The rest, as they say, is history.

How it’s Going:

Today, voice recognition is used in more complex games, with players using the feature to talk to each other. That’s contributed to a lifelike gaming experience. It’s also being used in eSports, one of the fastest-growing platforms all the world over. Voice recognition is widely used in eSports games, helping the gaming industry as a whole. It’s also made online betting much more fun.

While not all online betting sites have voice technology, many platforms already have plans to add the feature to their systems. On the other hand, users are finding games that allow them to speak the instructions instead of clicking a button with the mouse. Those who love to bet can now see a legal online casino in India that comes with voice-enabled gameplay.

How It Improves:

With so many options out there, consumers might have difficulty finding out which sites and platforms suit their needs. Many are turning to review sites to address that issue. Review sites allow them to check which sites have a ton of complaints so that they can avoid those platforms. It also tells them which sites consistently earn positive reviews and remarks from other gamers.

Whether it involves better security measures or a more convenient and stress-free way of setting up an account for beginners, consumers pay attention to these details. And with the rising popularity of voice-enabled gaming, plenty of consumers are using review sites to filter through their options, so they can find sites that fit much sooner.

How It Might Go:

With voice control becoming more popular, many are asking: when will more companies integrate the technology into their existing systems? For instance, many sportsbooks haven’t upgraded their technology, and it probably wouldn’t be long before they do. And once usage, as well as demand for voice control, picks up, more casinos are sure to start tinkering with their systems to accommodate speech technology, offering voice-control features.

How It Works:

The most basic way voice control technology is used is when logging in and out of the app. Users can use voice control to open up an app or close it. People who are used to voice assistants, or require their hands-free, will find this feature immensely handy. Users can also search or even reach out to the site’s customer service with voice control. A voice control feature can help users find those details without wasting precious time.

Moreover, users can talk to each other during the gameplay. Also, a critical advancement is in the online gambling area. For instance, users can talk to the dealer and the other player while playing card games.

This feature is sure to make the gaming experience more immersive. There are a few of the many ways that voice control technology helps the gaming and online betting industry. Given its convenience, the feature is sure to become even more useful in the future.