Do you know what is comparatively more unbearable than losing a loved one? I guess it’s losing them to someone else. Yeah, it is harsh but it’s the truth. We happen to come across the story of the Thailand couple, Manit and Angkanrat. They were together for the past 26 years and had three children, even winning a handsome lottery of 1.3 crore baht together.

But snap! It’s not a fairy tale.
Man’s world broke into pieces when his wife, Angkantat, left him to start a new life with another man, using the money they had won together to live happily ever after with her lover.

It was unbelievable for Manit that his wife, with whom he spent the past 26 years of his life left him for another man along with their joint lottery winning including Manit’s share of 6 million baht.

Thailand Woman Ran Away With Husband's $6 Million Thai Bath Lottery Prize To Start A New Life With Lover

As part of their family ritual which involved donating some of the money to religious institutions, Manit had all worked out to give a part of winning to his relatives.

During the ceremony, Manit saw a man standing close to his wife. He was completely unknown to Manit. On questioning the man, his wife assured him that he is part of her extended family. After that both of them, Angkantat and the unknown man disappeared from the ceremony, taking all the sum money.

According to Daily Star, the police informed that they are incapable of assisting Manit and Anglantat as they never signed formal wedding certificates.

Many said that he was oblivious to any issues in his marriage until his wife fled away with another man.

The man’s son informed the authorities that he knew about his mother’s extramarital romance. He also informed when he last contacted his mother, she was approximately four hours away.

As per the statement made by the police, it gives the impression that Manit had just gifted the money, and all he is capable of doing now is requesting his wife to return the money. There is no legal walkthrough available in the situation.

Man’s effort to get in touch with his wife by using regional media in Thailand also turned futile.