We all love Switzerland and it has been a dream for everyone to visit this beautiful country once in their life. Again this year in 2020 Switzerland has retained its position like always in the race of Best Countries report of 2020. This ranking is done by US News and World Report, BAV group and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Best Countries in 2020

Switzerland & Canada Are The Best Countries In The World, India Improves Its Ranking To 25

Canada secured the 2nd position while Japan was placed at the 3rd position in the list of 73 countries across a different range of categories, from education and quality life to economic influence and military might.

Canada was ranked in the third position last year has improved its ranking while Japan dropped it’s ranking to the third position from second. Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands made it to the top 10 list in 2020. Last year India was ranked at 27th position climbed to 25h position in 2020.

1) Switzerland

2) Canada

3) Japan

4) Germany

5) Australia

6) United Kingdom

7) United States

8) Sweden

7) Netherland

8) Norway

Best Countries to Visit in 2020

If we go with the list of Best Countries to Visit in 2020, Brazil is at the top position followed by Italy in second place and Spain, Greece, Thailand, Portugal, Australia and more to follow in the list.

1)  Brazil

2) Italy

3) Spain

4) Greece

5) Thailand

6) Portugal

7) New Zealand

8) Costa Rica

9) Argentina

10) Australia

Most Business Friendly Countries in 2020

When it comes to the Most Business-Friendly countries in the world, Luxembourg tops the chart followed by Switzerland, Canada, Denmark, Singapore and more.

1) Luxembourg

2) Switzerland

3) Canada

4) Denmark

5) Singapore

6) Netherland

7) Sweden

8) Thailand

9) Finland

10) Norway

Best Countries With Quality Of Life In The World In 2020

If we talk about the best country with quality of life in the world in 2020 then Canada tops the chart followed by Denmark, Sweden and more.

1) Canada

2) Denmark

3) Sweden

4) Norway

5) Australia

6) Netherland

7) Switzerland

8) New Zealand

9) Finland

10) Germany

Countries with the Richest Traditions In 2020

When it comes to countries with the Richest Traditions, Italy topped the chart while India was ranked in the sixth position.

1) Italy


3) Greece

4) France

5) Mexico

6) India

7) Turkey

8) Portugal

9) Thailand

10) Japan

UP and Coming Economies 2020

When it comes to UP and Coming Economies, India ranked at the second place while the United Arab Emirates topped the chart.

1) United Arab Emirates

2) India

3) China

4) Egypt

5) Japan

6) Thailand

7) Singapore

8) Qatar

9) Brazil

10) South Arabia

Best Countries to Start A Business in 2020

Thailand topped the chart of Best Countries to Start A Business in 2020. Malaysia was ranked second place while China was third followed by Singapore, India and more.

1) Thailand

2) Malaysia

3) China

4) Singapore

5) India

6) Philippines

7) Mexico

8) Switzerland

9) Indonesia

10) Canada

Best Countries for Women Safety in 2020

When it comes to the safety of women in the world, Denmark tops the chart followed by Sweden, Netherlands and more.

1) Denmark

2) Sweden

3) Netherlands

4) Norway

5) Canada

6) Finland

7) Switzerland

8) New Zealand

9) Australia

10) Austria

Best Countries for Raising Kids in 2020

When it comes to Best Countries for Raising Kids, Denmark tops the chart followed by Sweden, Norway and more.

1) Denmark

2) Sweden

3) Norway

4) Canada

5) Netherlands

6) Finland

7) Switzerland

8) New Zealand

9) Australia

10) Austria

Best Countries to Travel Alone in 2020

If you are planning a solo trip this year than Spain is the best country followed by Italy, Greece, New Zealand and more.

1) Spain

2) Italy

3) Greece

4) New Zealand

5) Australia

6) Portugal

7) Brazil

8) Netherlands

9) Switzerland

10) Thailand

Most Influential Countries in 2020

It did not surprise us when the United States topped the ranking of the most Influential Countries in 2020. India ranked at 15th position while China ranked at number 2.

1) United States

2) China

3) United Kingdom

4) Russia

5) Germany

6) France

7) Japan

8) Italy

9) Isreal

10) Canada

Best Countries To Invest In 2020

If you are looking to make International Investment then Croatia is the best country in 2020 followed by Thailand, United Kingdom and more.

1) Croatia

2) Thailand

3) United States

4) Indonesia

5) India

6) Italy

7) Australia

8) Vietnam

9) Latvia

10) Singapore

Best Countries To Study Abroad in 2020

If you are planning to study abroad in 2020 then the United Arab Emirates should be on the top lis followed by South Korea, China, India and more.

1) United Arab Emirated

2) South Korea

3) China

4) India

5) Turkey

6) Singapore

7) Brazil

8) South Africa

9) Argentina

10) Thailand

This was list of top countries in 2020 from different categories. Tell us which is your favourite from the list and why.