Ever thought about Shopping in Paris? Paris- Love and Romance! Does this come in your mind when we talk about Paris? The city which revolves in your mind to be one of the “Romantic Destination”, Well, it’s just clinch view about Paris. Paris got many things to do. Paris, the home of Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Montmartre, you will be amazed to know it is also one of the best places in the world to buy your favorite brands. If you are a shopaholic then Shopping in Paris should be on your bucket list.

7 Best Places for Shopping in Paris

Don’t believe this then Check this out where you can get the variety of brands like Cartier, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Dior or Yves Saint Laurent etc.

  1. Forum Des Halles is best for Shopping in Paris

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Popular one! Forum Des Halles is the most popular mall in the city of Love & Romance-Paris. This mall welcomes around 150,000 people on daily basis and one of the busiest malls in France and Europe. The mall was initially inaugurated in 1970s later on the mall’s exterior was demolished in 2011 to make way for its golden-hued radiant sunshades on the top, which was uncovered in 2016. Below to it, there are four floors of stores comprising 100 shops, 18 eateries and entertainment venues including cinemas multiplex outspread down to the countries busiest metro hub in the heart of Paris.

  1. Carrousel du Louvre for shopping in Paris

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Remember the book written by one of the great author of our time Dan Brown—Best Author of 21st century, The Book which later became the Best Seller edition The Da Vinci Code which contains a famous skylight, La Pyramide Inversée (the Inverted Pyramid), is none other than Carrousel Du Louvre. This mall came into the limelight when Apple launched its first store in France, that store is still now in the Carrousel. Major retail brands include Esprit, Sephoria, Mariage Frères Tea Emporium, Plaisirs de Paris, Swarovski, Perigot, Le Tanneur and Fossil. So now you know where to shop if you want these brands.


  1. Bercy village for shopping in Paris

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If you visit Paris then do not hesitate to go to Bercy Village! They are old wine depots, many restaurants. The Bercy Village shopping is near to the subway station called Cour St Emilion. In the Bercy village, you will find many restaurants and bars and all with best elite services. Here got many places to eat&drink, from cheap to luxury. Depends on what you want, the place is nice but somehow busy with people coming in and going out. Also if you are a tourist and wants to watch your fav movie there is a big cinema which shows English movie w french sub Vapiano is a chain but good and fresh Italian food.

  1. Galerie Vivienne

    Source: Caves Legrand

Shopping Heaven! The Gallery of brands, the gallery of stores- Galerie Vivienne, if you expect a shopping heaven, go to the Galeries Lafayette instead. This is a small place with some character. You can simply explore its history and architecture in a quarter or so as it is just next to the Jardin du Palais Royal’s exit and possibly stop for a drink or meal.

  1. Passage des Panoramas

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One of the oldest but still The Best, this mall is was built up around mid-1800’s and still retains it’s old architecture. The Passage de Panoramas is bit faded now but retains a real 19th-century charm with numerous owing eateries, a theatre from where spectators would come out to shop during the interval.

  1. Italie Deux

    Source: Parisinfo

Italie Deux has an adequate number of shops and it is right in the heart of Paris. It’s not a mega-mall, but not less to that also. If you are in Paris for some staid shopping, look no further than this gigantic three floored shopping center with hundreds of shops. You can find nearly all French kids stores there, Petit Bateau, Catimini, Okaidi etc are some best brand retail store for kids. Found everything I was looking for my little boy. If you are in Paris for a good amount of time, go to Le Quatre Temps. If you only want to spend a couple of hours shopping, go to Italie Deux.

  1. Les Quatre temps Paris

    Source: Glassdoor

If you are looking for USA-type shopping mall experience, this is the best place for it. Whether you are looking for some top designer clothes or a Movie Theater with the best feature and want to have some erotic fast food this the place of what we call in English ALL-IN-ONE- Les quatre temps Paris. Here you can find 250 boutiques in the 3-story mall. There are plenty of restaurants at this place but one cannot experience the French culture as said to be USA style shopping malls.

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