Looking for How To Wear a Tie? A tie adds stars to our personality. Wearing a tie gives us an awesome feel and a gentleman look. Our present article is on, How To Wear a Tie? Everything You Need To Know about a Tie shows us the various methods of tying a tie. Trying all these methods you will be giving yourself an attractive kind of look.

How To Wear a Tie? – 7 Different Methods

Here is a demonstration of the various methods of How to wear a tie. Kindly go through each of them and give yourself a unique kind of look.

1. The Four in Hand Knot

Perhaps, it is the most common method of tying a tie. Apart from that, this method is really very much easy to apply. With the help of such kind of knot, you will be getting a good kind of look and better appearance on any kind of clothes.

2. The Full Windsor Knot

How To Wear a Tie

Source: Art of Style

As far as formals are concerned, the full Windsor knot is the most suitable for wearing on the formals. However, it is more suitable on suit along with a butterfly collar. However, tying this tie will demand a lot of effort from your side.

3. The Half Windsor Knot

Offering us with a triangular and symmetrical shape, the Half Windsor Knot is the little brother of the Full Windsor Knot. Comparing it with the Full Windsor knot, tying a tie with this method is very much easier.

4. The Trinity Knot

The Trinity Knot

Source: Agree or Die

Have you heard about the Trinity Symbol? Would you love watching your tie in such kind of shape? If yes, then trying the Trinity Knot is a good kind of option for you. It is having a complex design, that makes it more stylish rather than the other knots.

5. The Pratt Knot

The Pratt Knot

Source: Ties

Offering us with a shining look on any kind of dress or shirt, the Pratt Knot, also familiar as the Shelby Knot is quite thinner in shape. However, it is easy to tie your tie with this method and you will surely get an attractive look with this kind of knot.

6. The Eldredge Knot

The Eldredge Knot

Source: Instructables

If you want to have a bold kind of look, trying the Eldredge Knot is perhaps a viable option. Although tying your tie with this method will demand a lot of your efforts and energy. It is a narrow kind of tie, instead of the most prevalent wider ones making it a unique kind of choice for yourself.

7. The Simple Knot

The Simple Knot

Source: Parisian Gentleman

For the people who aren’t much fond of the large size knots, trying the Simple Knot is a good option. Easy to tie and very much small in size are some of the best characteristics of this knot.

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