A total stunner with never-ending energy for life, Sindhi girls have timelessly managed to make men’s hearts skip a beat. This girl is old school yet modern: someone to look forward to! Here are 7 reasons why it is simply awesome to fall in love with a Sindhi Chori for a lifetime!

1) Sindhi Food. Period.

Every girl sure knows the way to her man’s heart via his stomach. But, Sindhi Girls take their culinary skills to another level. Hungry? Koki is on its way. From Dal Pakwaan to Sai Bhaji, Doda, and Taairi – she knows her way around the kitchen. We bet your mum will be impressed!2

Not only does she cook well, but she is also a totes foodie too! So, while you’re at it, she’s also going to be munching by your side!

2) Drop Dead Gorgeous.

She is that jaw-dropping beauty that will turn heads around when she walks past you. With a flawlessly chiseled face and a perfect 10-figure, she’s among the best of what the Indo-Aryan Race has to offer!


Imagine her walking by your side! Ooh, la la!

3) Party- Sharty? Heck yeah!

Sindhi girls know how to party hard. If she drinks, you’re going to be lucky to have found the best drinking buddy ever!


Two Left Feet? No problem! Sindhi girl’s energy on the dance floor will not fail to get you groovin’: Shake it, shake it!

4) High on Family Values!

Brought up in a close-knit family, a Sindhi girl would never let your family’s integrity run low. She’s the perfect balance between a family girl and a party animal!2

And if you get to chill with her cool parents, her dad will not fail to pop open that Limited Edition Scotch! And don’t forget about the food- you’re certainly going to experience a great deal of food coma! BURPPPP!

5) Respects Money

A Sindhi girl is quite resourceful and can handle the “jugaad” for anything in the world. From bargaining at the mall or with the sabziwalas- she knows her way with the money! (And she will inculcate that skill in you too!)


At the same time, she does have an eye for quality, and when she finds it- she won’t refrain from the (guilty) pleasure! Sorry, not sorry!

6) Full Of Life!

A Sindhi girl loves to have fun: being Cheerful and Vibrant is her life’s motto! Yeah, she may have her down time, but won’t hold grudges!


With her generous, loving heart- she will illuminate your life, showering you with all those “Jaadu Ki Jhappis”.

7) Fashion Forward!

She has a knack for staying classy in every way possible! From her shoes to her clothes and accessories- she is the Goddess of Style!


And mind you- Only a Sindhi Chori will carry all those bright colors like a total pro! After all, it’s in her genes!

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