The Sindhi community is very well known not only in India but also in the world but it is trapped in the stereotypical portrayal of money-minded and loud people, Thanks to the Bollywood movies and T.V serials. If you have a Sindhi friend then you will know that they are totally opposite to what you have heard about Sindhi people. Today we have 7 Stereotypes About Sindhis That We Need To Break Free From.

1) Every surname that ends with ‘ani’ is not Sindhi

Every surname that ends with ‘ani’ is not Sindhi

If all the Sindhi surnames ended with ‘ani’ then Joey Tribbiani from the ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ would have been a Sindhi … haha, don’t forget a lot of Gujarati’s surnames also end with ‘ani’ e.g Bhayani.

2) Dama Dam Mast Qalandar is not the national anthem of Sindhi’s

Dama Dam Mast Qalandar is not the national anthem of sindhi's

Dama Dam Mast Qalandar might be quite popular among the Sindhi community but hey they have a list of songs to which they love dancing.

3) All Sindhis are not businessmen

all sindhis are not businessman

The biggest myth of this world is Sindhi = Businessman. Just imagine Ram Jethmalani owning a grocery store and Vishal Dadlani owning kids wear shop.

4) Arree Sindhi-Punjabi Ek Baat…Hell No

punjabi and sindhi are not same

Just like Telugu and Tamils are not the same, Sindhi and Punjabi are not the same.

5) Sindhis aren’t born rich, they earn moneymoney in surat

While you are still studying and chilling out with your friend, A Sindhi guy will help his father expand his business. They are not born rich, they work hard with dedication to make a successful life.

6) Sindhis are not kanjoos

Sindhi people are not kanjoos

“Kanjoos saala, Sindhi mat ban” is the most common dialogue we tell to friends but if you have a Sindhi friend then you will realize that they are actually more flexible in terms of money than other people. They are always willing to pay money first. In short Sindhi’s are very Dildaar.

7) We don’t eat Papad all the time

sindhi dont eat papad all the time

Please For god’s sake don’t say that if you don’t eat papad then you are not a true Sindhi. Everyone likes to eat papad but some don’t, but that does not mean they are not true Sindhi.

Admit it – Being A Sindhi Is Awesome