Having long hairs is a dream of millions of girls but this girl seems like she has set another level of dreams of herself. Belonging to a Gujju family, Nilanshi Patel got her name listed in the Guinness Worlds Records for having the longest hair that is 6.28 feet long.

Meet The Gujarat Girl Who Set A World Record With Hair Over 6-Feet Long

Previously also she became popular as the real-life Rapunzel because, in the year 2018, she got her name listed for the first time. At that time her hairs were 170.5 centimeters long which is approximately 4 feet. When the sources talked to Nilanshi about whether she loves her hair or not and how did she get this much long hair, she told that “it was my mother’s dream to see my name in the Guinness Worlds Records book. She used to make a hair oil adding some secret ingredients in it because of which my hair kept growing.” I love my hair and never want to get rid of them.

Gujarat Girl Who Set A World Record With Hair Over 6-Feet Long

Apart from talking about her hairs, she also disclosed to sources that her professional dream is to become a software developer and presently she is completely focusing on her preparation that she is doing to score good marks in JEE examinations.

She gives all the credit to her mother for taking care of her hairs and she never gets irritated because of such long hairs. Her mother takes care of all. She is really lucky to have the longest hairs and we hope she will be able to carry them forever with her as she loves them a lot.

Taking care of the body is really needed and if you want good hair, make sure you eat lots of protein and you give proper nourishment to your hairs. Then it might happen that Nilanshi may get a competitor for long hairs.