Rakhi memes are the brand new fashion on social media, and they’ll probably live right here for a while. The idea of Raksha Bandhan is so beautiful that human beings can not prevent themselves from sharing it with the world.

Funniest Rakhi Memes

Pehle tu de 150 dega iphone nhi 5 crore hath matt lagao mere bhai ko

national brother bye awkward moment
lichad aadmi ho practical nhi hai bhaiyya bas itnai toh kaise hai ap log

What are Rakhi Memes?

Rakhi memes are essentially jokes or funny photos related to Raksha Bandhan. People proportion those memes on their social media profiles as a way of wishing their own family members and pals in this unique occasion. Also, in case you want to send a meme as a greeting card to a person who is not a part of your circle of relatives, then this would be the proper choice for you!

happy rakshabandhan jethaji bhai app kamal hai brother kidhar



Rakhi memes are a a laugh and mild-hearted way of celebrating the pageant. It is a subculture that has been accompanied for decades now and has emerge as one of the most popular approaches for humans to have a good time Raksha Bandhan. The beginning of rakhi memes may be traced again to 2014 whilst a girl named Samaa from Mumbai started making them on WhatsApp corporations. She made those memes along with her buddies and own family as a manner to have fun this occasion. Her creations have become so popular that they have been shared with different human beings in their social media circles. This advocated other human beings to make their very own rakhi memes, which then caught on like wildfire!

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In the past few years, rakhi memes have end up very famous among human beings from all age corporations. These memes are shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by using human beings around the arena. People love these memes because they lead them to chortle or smile on every occasion they see them.

So if you have a brother or sister, you must be looking forward to this special day. Yes, Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, but before it arrives, we want to share some fun memes with you guys!

Add a dash of laughter to your Raksha Bandhan celebrations with our collection of side-splitting Raksha Bandhan memes – guaranteed to make this festival even more joyful!