The Australian government has recruited a consultant to advise on the inside conditions and how the company should have a hand with the other external consultants.

According to the Guardian, the federal Finance Department signed an AUD 32,000 (USD 21,000) contract with an external ethics consultant, Simon Longstaff, who would give his advice on how the company should best deal with handling and managing ties with PwC( short for PricewaterhouseCoopers) Australia and Scyne(a new company), an organization focused on government services and offers. Businesses with services including accounting, strategy management, audit, and human resource consultants are the second largest professional service networks globally.

Australian Government Hires Consultant To Consult On Their Consultants

According to the news, Finance Minister Katty Gallagher hired Simon Longstaff to assist the department in deciding how to best engage with consultancy firm Pwc Australia and its new spin-off company Scyne.

Dr. Simon Longstaff AO FCPA FRAN FARPI is a renowned philosopher and chief executive of the not-for-profit Ethics Center.

A finance delegate approved that the Ethics Centre will receive $32,000 for the advice.

The delegate praised Longstaff by saying:

Longstaff’s experience and expertise may supplement the Commonwealth’s expertise in considering matters concerning the appropriate action. And also he has significant knowledge and expertise in the field of ethics.

Finance’s examination will determine whether Scyne and PwC Australia have fitting culture, governance, and accountability frameworks to contract with the Commonwealth.

Senator Barbara Pocock juxtaposed the situation to utopia, also known as Dreamland worldwide, an Australian satire series about bureaucrats, and is responsible for administrating major infrastructure projects, from declaration to exposure.

Just imagine a bureaucrat in the finance department saying, ‘We need to hire a consultant to advise us on how to hire consultants.’ The scriptwriters from ABC’s Utopia series couldn’t have come up with a more laughable scenario.