With all of the different career paths to take when choosing a career that involves working with animals, coming to a decision can be overwhelming. You could choose to be an activist for animals, care for them in shelters and vets or even be a writer for them. Narrowing down one that fits who you are along with what your qualifications are can be a bit challenging. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you narrow down your choices and eventually find the right career for you.

Have You Been Properly Educated for the Career You Want?

Six Questions to Help You Find the Perfect Animal Career

Many careers that involve working with animals require for you to have a specific level of education. Some expect for you to have a college degree, a certificate III in companion animal services or some experience working in the animal career path of choice. In order to acquire the education needed, you will have to invest both time and money before you can receive the credentials. Is that something you are willing to do?

Will You Move to Another City or State?

Animal careers flourish in some areas and in other areas the need isn’t as prominent. If you are interested in working in the Thoroughbred industry, you will need to find a state that has legalized the racing. This may require you to relocate to another state. Veterinary options are more accessible on the local scale and you shouldn’t have any trouble with finding a position.

Have You Written Down Your Thoughts?

Choosing the perfect animal career for you is a very important decision. Writing down all of your ideas and thoughts on one paper can help you get some clarity before making your final decision. You are able to look directly at each career and eliminate any that aren’t of interest. You can create a journal, doodle, make an outline or draw a map.

Will Your Dream Job Pay You Enough?

Jobs in the animal industry have varying salaries. Unfortunately, your dream job, in particular, may not be among the jobs that pay a high salary. Does the lifestyle you live demand a higher paying salary? Are you willing to take a lower pay to do what you love? The salary of zookeepers is significantly low, yet they are able to work with a number of exotic animals on a daily basis. Salary is something you need to take into consideration.

Are You Really Interested in Pursuing an Animal Career?

When deciding on having a career that involves working with animals, you need to be clear on what your passions are. Animal careers aren’t always as dazzling as they appear to be. Understanding the tasks that are required of you for the career you are considering will help you gain clarity when deciding if you truly are passionate about the job.

What Kind of Schedule Would You Like to Have?

Working with animals often requires more of your time than other average jobs. Working six to seven days a week and having days lasting from eight to ten hours is normal for those working with animals. You can expect to be asked to work weekends along with some holidays depending on the demand and need of the animals. With some research, you can uncover some animal careers that offer work hours and days similar to the normal 40-hour workday.

As you narrow down your search for the perfect animal career, ask yourself these questions. Your decision making is not limited to these questions and there is no wrong way to go about finding the career path for you. Take all things into consideration. Take your time and decide what is best for you.