Are you searching for Popcorn Time iOS? Well, it is not available on the App store. The app has been removed by Apple from the App store but don’t worry today we are going to guide you on how to download Popcorn Time iOS for free without jailbreak.

Popcorn Time iOS is a free app where you can stream your favourite tv shows and movies absolutely free of cost. Like Amazon Prime and Netflix, Popcorn Time does not have any subscription charges and we are sure most of us don’t want to spend a penny to watch our favourite movies online. Well if we have such amazing options like Popcorn Time iOS then why get bored, just watch favourite Tv shows and movies on a lazy weekend.

First of all we are going to tell you best features of Popcorn Time which will make you fall in love with the App. We are sure you are going to like all the features.

Features of the Popcorn Time iOS

  • You don’t need to spend any money to watch Movies and Tv shows when you are using Popcorn Time as it is absolutely free.
  • You will be able to watch all Tv shows and Movies in HighQuality and Standard quality both, You can play any depending on your internet speed.
  • You can watch movies and shows in regional language as they have huge collection from different country
  • The look and feel of the App is really very simple so it makes easy for users of all age to use it.
  • You will find all the latest movie and tv show collection on Popcorn Time as they update their App very frequently.
  • The App has the biggest collection of movies and shows in the world, You will surely get tired of watching movies on Popcorn Time but their collection will never end, in fact it will increase every day

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We are sure you are impressed with the features of Popcorn Time iOS app and are eagerly waiting to know from where to download the app, find the answer below.

Popcorn Time iOS App Download For iPhone, iPad, iPod & Mac

Popcorn Time iOS

As mentioned above that Apple has deleted the Popcorn Time App from App store, We have a workaround for this issue, We are going to show you step by step guide on how to download Popcorn Time iOS App.

  • All you have to do is open in any browser (Safari, Chrome) in your iOS device.
  • Now tap on the button to download the Popcorn Time App to your device.
  • Now connect your iOS device to your Mac Os or any computer which has iTunes.
  • You have to sync your iOS device to the Mac/Windows.
  • Open the installer, you will get 2 options, Trust & don’t trust this pc. tap on trust.
  • You now have to turn on the Airplane mode in your iOS device and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Thats it. You can now enjoy Popcorn Time on your iOS device.
  • Now you will be able to stream end number of popular Movies and TV shows absolutely free.

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Disclaimer : Piracy is a crime and if not taken seriously it can land you in jail. We have listed down method to download Popcorn Time iOS App, but we don’t intend to encourage you to buy or watch any pirated content online. We have just listed down the the method just for information purpose.