Pokemon Go is the most talked about mobile game at the moment and it has already taken over twitter in terms of daily live users. Pokemon Go has got more that 10 million downloads in just 1 week and people are loving the game so much that they are actually running on the streets to catch some rare Pokemon.

If you thought that only Bollywood and Cricket was famous in India then you are wrong, Pokemon fever is all over people of india and something crazy happened in Chennai. In Anna Nagar Tower Park in Chennai, People were seen running here and there madly after a Blastoise was spotted. Blastoise is a rare Pokemon which is not usually seen.

We have seen people breaking their mobile phones and glewing it and playing again with it but this time Pokemon craze is so much that they are actually climbing the room of their home and even running here and their on the streets to catch the Pokemon.

People all around in the video looks really very happy and are talking to strangers and even strangers are replying back in a good way. Isn’t it beautiful . India is coming together because of Pokemon Go