(NOTE:- This article for the sole purpose of comedy. Nothing written in this article is factual. Please don’t take our funny posts to heart. #Stayhappy and #Dontgetserious)

In Indian television, Ahmedabad is a well known city as so many Gujarati celebrities hail from this city. It is also Gujarat’s metro city and we love to visit that place. Ahmedabad has many big and popular universities like IIM Ahmedabad, Nirma University, MICA, LD-Engineering college and Gujarat University. But, apdu Baroda pan kai ochu nathi. Barodians love their city no matter how forward another city is than Baroda. It’s a small place, but once who have lived there their whole lives, will not complain.

1) Mota Mota Mall che, pan apda fatehgunj ke alkapuri jevu kasu nai:

Sure you guys have been to huge malls with high fashion brands. But there’s no place we could find which is like Alkapuri area or Fatehgunj area, full of youngsters and a lot of hush-push around. There’s always something going around in our City.

  • Amdavadi loko ne kapda pehervani koi sensej nathi:

We know Ahmedabad is a much bigger city than Baroda. But we think Barodians dress up better than Ahmdavadis be it any occasion. Even it is just to go out with friends, us Barodians have to look good, after all there are people in the world who notice us, hello!

2) Vasvu toh apanne apdaj Baroda ma:

No matter how upgraded another city is, we still love our city Baroda. It’s a small city but definitely a place with warm hearted people.

3) Amdavad na Garba ma United Way jevi maja nathi:

No matter how grand your garba celebrations are, we will not like any other place or any other style of garba. We like crowd, we like loud music and Atul Purohit only for our navratri celebrations. United Way is the only place we want to be during the nine days and no where else.

4) Non-veg toh Amdavad ma saru maltuj nathi:


Baroda has MANY places where you will find delicious chicken and non-vegetarian items all over the city. But if a Barodians visits Ahmedabad and is looking for a place to eat quality non-vegetarian item, they will not find one. Nowhere do they serve as good as Baroda’s chicken restaurants. Infact there are many small as well as big outlets where you find quality non-veg items.

5) Apda Sindhrot jevi koi jagiyaj nathi:

Especially during the monsoon season, we love to hang out at Sindhrot, have masale-daar bhutta. A Barodians will get bored in Ahmedabad during the monsoon as there’s no scenic place to hang out at. Sindhroth is a place where you can go with your friends and spend quality time with.

(NOTE:- This article for the sole purpose of comedy. Nothing written in this article is factual. Please don’t take our funny posts to heart. #Stayhappy and #Dontgetserious)