7 Outfits You Can Wear For Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot


The pre-wedding photoshoot is the real craze these days. The bride and groom both are eagerly waiting for the shoot. It’s something which every couple wants to showcase to everyone after 2 or may be 5 years. Even if your prewedding photoshoot is confirmed, you will be confused about outfits for prewedding photoshoot

The pre-wedding photoshoot is the window for others to see what kind of couple you are.

Usually, people are really confused about their outfits for prewedding photoshoot. What to wear and what not to wear is the primary question which revolves around every head.

But don’t get serious you are in the right hands. Today I will share with you some amazing outfits to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

7 Beautiful Outfits For PreWedding Photoshoot

Let’s dive in

Short Summer Dress

Summer season is all about sunny days and one the best times of the season to plan a photoshoot. It’s tried and tested you’ll have some pretty amazing photos to take back home from the shoot.

Choose an all white dress or you can even go with florals. You don’t wanna get wet with your sweat in summer then go with some light colors like white, blue or yellow.

Punjabi Suit

Punjabi people are very famous when it comes to dressing and that’s the reason Punjabi outfits are very well-known. It also took the 2nd spot on my list.

If you want to create wonders in your pre-wedding photoshoot then Punjabi Suit is the best option you can carry. Try wearing a full Patiala with a colourful dupatta.

Also, if you love Bollywood movies dressing style I would highly recommend you to wear a Punjabi suit after saree.


Monsoon is well-known for Romance. People usually say in monsoon season don’t get so romantic I am still single.

But you need not worry because I assume if you are reading this you are about to marry and if not don’t worry someone special is coming your way soon.

If you have noticed many Bollywood movies scenes are recorded in Monsoon where the heroine is wearing Saree for making the scene more romantic and its also called to be the perfect pre-wedding shot.

If you are planning your wedding shoot in Monsoon I recommend you clicking some pictures in saree.

Anarkali Gown

Thinking about an evergreen option? Don’t brainstorm; now you can go with an Anarkali Gown if you are searching for something which works all the time.

You can twirl, play with or can simply showcase the beauty of your dressing in the photos.

Some outfits are never out of fashion Anarkali is from one of those.

Jeans With Casual Top

If you are someone who doesn’t love to dress a lot and likes to keep things simple then Casual is your thing. In the Autumn-Winter season when leaves are dry and the mornings are cold. It’s the best time to have a Jeans with a Casual top.

Remember wedding shoots are not about how you dress it’s more of how you feel for your partner and express your love through photos. Enjoy the experience.

Evening Gown

Evening Gowns are considered to be the vintage or royal attire to wear. If you have Evening Gown think no more and wear it for your pre-wedding shoot. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

After all, it’s once in a lifetime memory with your partner make the best out of it which would last for ever. Let your partner fall in love with you, again and again, seeing your Evening Gown.

Party Dress In High Heels

You look party wear clothes and you are a fan of high heels? Then why not wear it for the photoshoot? Yes, of course, you should go for a simple one-piece with high heels. A simple dark colored one-piece with high heels looks amazing on every girl.

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If you are looking stunning in your outfit then why look for other alternatives?

Better choose what looks the best fit for you.

Concluding Thoughts

I hope you rock on your pre-wedding photoshoot with the outfits I shared with you.

Let me know in the comments section which outfits for prewedding photoshoot you are going to wear.

Until we meet next time. Peace out.

Cover Images Source: Shutterdown

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