Well, are you planning for a date in the upcoming days? Then, you should take care of your styling, on your first date especially. Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect. Still confused on what all to avoid on your first date? Well, we have a list of  Style Mistakes you should Avoid On A First Date and some secret tips which we’ll share with you and we bet your first date won’t be a miss.

7 Style Mistakes you should Avoid On A First Date

Let’s dive in

Unsuitable Dressing

Your first Impression is your last impression. It’s said that if you want to communicate with a person who is unknown to you, you need to first communicate with your outfits. Your appearance describes you before your words do.

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If you are wearing your sports/Gym shoes with chinos or jeans then you need to ask yourself why? There’s a reason why they are called exercise shoes. They are meant to be wear during exercise time, not on your first date. Also, you need to keep in mind that your footwear adds value to your appearance. You just can’t wear sandals and socks which will eventually mess up your personality.

After all, Dressing well is a form of good manners.

Wear a shirt that fits you and is fresh. Don’t wear the creased shirt which you have been wearing since morning. A fit ironed fresh shirt would be the best suitable option for you.

Excess cologne

Imagine you are never fully dressed without perfume. If a woman can smell your cologne in the entire room, will she come closer? No! Unfortunately, you lose a chance to get closer to her. If she can only smell your cologne when you are closer to her, then she might get a reason to stay close or you lose the game.

Don’t put on excess jewelry

All you need to put on under the category of jewelry is a wrist watch which changes with different outfits. Don’t wear any shiny artificial bracelets or golden rings! Wear them if you want to, but unless you are a rockstar or a style icon, it won’t suit you. Remember you are on a date, not on a jewelry exhibition.

You are not a king of the royal dynasty and no one is expecting you in an appearance of a king. So, be simple and elegant.

Not keeping your hairs in check

Don’t just wake up from your bed and rush to the venue. Give yourself some time to set your hairs, trim and shape your facial hairs (beard), apply some gel/hairspray to your hairs and make your handsome face look more stunning. Hair styling is always a cherry on the cake part of styling. The better you lay down your hairs, the more attractive you look.

Don’t try to make yourself look too handsome that people start laughing on your hairstyle!

If your facial hairs are not suiting or not growing properly, better shave them.

Avoid wearing too much printed round neck t-shirts

Brother, you are on a date, that too for the first time. You are not there to crack jokes on the very first glace or to bring a change in the society or to grab the attention of everyone. Don’t put on such round neck t-shirts on your date at least.

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You are not going to visit a theme park for chilling. So, don’t make her doubt on yourself on the very first date.

Hope you found our tips on 7 Style Mistakes you should Avoid On A First Date helpful, Wait wait, We have more for you.

Don’t mismatch your belt texture/color with your shoe

It is said that if your belt’s color matches with your shoes’ color and your buckle’s color match with your wrist watch’s color, then you have a perfect sense on how to dress well. Also, don’t keep your shoe shinny while your belt is matte finished or vice versa.


Take care that your belt is aligned properly.

Don’t prefer fake sunglasses, watches, and wallets

9 out of 10 times the Rado you are wearing is of 2000/- only. The Ray Ban you have put on even in the room, just to show off, is shouting that it is not original. Don’t show off much. Prefer authentic products though they look simple.

Show of your personality instead of showcasing fake products.

Concluding Thoughts

I hope you loved the secrets about 7 Style Mistakes you should Avoid On A First Date which I shared with you. Let me know in the comments section about how was your First date? Was the girl impressed?

Happy Dating.

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