Dehradun, if we split the name of the city into two parts ‘Dehra’ means House and ‘Doon’ means valley. It means a House located in between Valleys, this is how the city got its name. A lot of people say that Dehradun is a small city, so today we have an open letter to people explaining, Dehradun is no more a small city.


The People,

Who think of Dehradun,

As a Small City

Subject: Why Dehradun is not a Small City?

Respected Citizen,

Let us come to the point, Why I have to write this letter addressing to the whole nation? Many a time I’ve heard that people often say Dehradun is a Small City. But in this letter, I’ll let you know that why it isn’t!

First of all, Dehradun is getting developed as an alternative to the national capital Delhi. Thus, the migrants, industries and many other such resources and production units are coming to Dehradun.

Dehradun is a tourist attraction for people from all around India as well as The World. Our Population is also above 5 lacs now. Our city is also home to many well-known Colleges and Schools and other Educational Institutions. And students from all over the country come here for studying.

Source: UkUttarakhand

We are well connected with Road, Air, and Railways with rest of the country. The city is also known for national Defence Production. As we have Ordnance Factory Dehradun, the Opto Electronics Factory of the Ordnance Factories Board, Defence Electronics Application Laboratory and Instruments Research and Development Establishment of the Defence Research and Development Organisation which manufactures products for the Indian Armed Forces.

Our per capita income is higher than rest of the country. Even National Defence Academy is located in Dehradun.

I am not trying to portray that Dehradun is above all cities. But being a part of a country like India, we also need to be treated as equal. Even we are keeping the pace with the development of Nation.

We aren’t a small city.


A Fellow Citizen of India