When it comes to Bangalore there are only few places that’ll give you the creeps. But the ones that exist will leave you with a shiver down your bones, if you get the chance to experience it. Here are some haunted places in Bangalore you might like to visit for that real life haunting experience.

Haunted Places In Bangalore

1) Kempegowda International Airport :

bangalore international airport haunted

Bangalore airport seems to be reported as one of the haunted places in the city. Kempegowda international airport lays almost 60kms away from the city; it has been told that there had been some spooky incidents on the runway. Even though it’s crowded all the time and every few minutes there’s an aircraft landing on the runway, the pilots reported some creepy incidents like a woman in a white sari walking on a runway.

2) Kalpalli Cemetry, Sarvagna Nagar :

Kalpalli Cemetry, Sarvagna Nagar

Image Via :- India.com

Well cemetery and ghost goes hand in hand. Kalpalli cemetery also known as St. John’s cemetery is located near Old Madras Road and is said to be one of the creepiest haunted places in Bangalore. The whole point becomes moot as the cemetery witnesses at least 10 cremations a day. Of course it’s haunted! People from nearby location reported that they saw a man lurking around the cemetery at late hours.

3) Victoria Hospital :

Victoria Hospital bangalore haunted

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Victoria hospital is one of the oldest buildings in town and is well known for strange happenings in the hospital. The hospital was founded in 1897; later in 1900 the hospital was formally inaugurated. Since the building is too old and big people have reported some strange activities happening around the morgue. The hospital experiences number of deaths a day and maybe because of that people might have been witnessing such incidents.

4) NH4 :

Haunted Places In Bangalore
Haunted Places In Bangalore

Image Via :- Haunted-Blogger

National Highway 4 or Bangalore-Mumbai highway is one of the busiest highways in the region. The highway runs 24hrs a day whether it’s local transports or carriage trucks there’s always vehicles on the road. Then again there’s some relation between highways and ghosts. But some people have reported weird activities on the highway. There’s a story that got around that there’s a pretty girl on this highway who asks for lift around midnight and vanishes away into the darkness. Well next time on a road trip to Mumbai, be careful!


naale baa come tomorrow

Around 90’s Bangalore went through this creepy phase where a demon would knock on the door at midnight and there’d be no one at the door. So the people wrote NAALE BAA on their doors which means “come back tomorrow” just to keep themselves safe. We can only hope that demon doesn’t come back tomorrow!

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