21 year old Pushpa Gupta who is a national level shooter resides in Vadodara sells maggi to fulfill her basic needs.Many sporting individuals in various fields have come across financial issues and recently Imaran Sheikh who helped India in the Cricket world cup for deaf and mute.Recently, Pushpa Gupta came in the limelight.

National level shooter Pushpa Gupta now runs a roadside eatery for survival in Vadodara.

She sells Maggi on a cart to cover up the expenses for her family. On the cart itself her shiny medals are hanging so that the customers who pass by come to know about her achievements.


“I had joined college in 2013 and it was there that I discovered that I have skills in shooting. I joined the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and it supported me financially. I represented Gujarat in the sport as well. Then I started getting interest in the sport,” Pushpa Gupta told ANI.

Her Journey started in 2013 where she was a part of the NCC through which she got financial support. But as soon as the NCC program got over she was not able to get the financial support as the sport was very expensive.

Former Athlete Sunita Godhra has stated that by this time Pushpa Gupta should have a government job by now to support her family.