In the world of Smartphones and iPads, word ‘Revenge’ is lost from the dictionary only. These words are not by me, these are said by a surprising male lead Manoj Bajpai. The thought of woman empowerment is quite common these days in Bollywood, but don’t expect anything to be sold on the name of woman empowerment. Naam Shabana is one of that theatre which built the high hopes as it came from the makers of Akshay Kumar’s Baby.
Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpai
Director: Shivam Nair
Genre: Mystery/Crime
Duration: 2h 28m

Plot: Mumbai college girl Shabana (Taapsee Pannu) is being loved by his college friend Taher Shabbir (Movie Fan fame boy) who takes her to a dinner date and while returning they are encountered with some street boys molestation. Shabana being a martial arts champion revolts the bad boys and got trapped for showing unnecessary bravery causing the death of Taher. She finds herself guilty for his death and seeks justice from law and order, eventually fails. Meanwhile, secret agency head Ranvir Singh (Manoj Bajpai) has continuous eyes on Shabana from start and now he comes forward to help her giving the details about those boys in return of joining his agency. She accepts the proposal and travels Goa to kill one of those boys brutally and joins the agency and gets herself trained.

In the second half, world’s most wanted weapon supplier Tony, rescued from three officers of the same agency. Ranvir appoints Shabana and Ajay Singh Rajput (Akshay Kumar) to kill the sharp minded Tony. After being all second half of movie full of investigation and thrill, they managed to kill Tony. THE END.
Casting: Just to clarify, Akshay Kumar is not the lead role in the movie. He enters in last 45 min of the movie as a supporting secret agent. But to be honest, if he would not have been there, the movie would have been flat and hard to resist. Tapsee, on the other hand, is again used as a Leader of woman empowerment in movies. She did a fair job and I expect the same kind of roles to her in future movies also. She tried her best to be the lead but Akshay snatched in last 45 min. Hats off to her rigorous fitness training and stamina. Manoj Bajpai was fab. He actually was into the role of a head of a secret agency.
Music: Nothing super impressive in music as the genre was different, but still other past movies gave better music in this genre. Rozana being a romatic track is not a loop song definitely. Whereas Zinda from Sunidhi Chauhan is a good one for workout sessions and motivation.

Review: There is nothing wow factor in this movie. The mystery scenes are predictable enough. The film-makers should bring something new now. Every second movie these days are used to portray how strong woman of our society are, never underestimate them. It’s okay. We are not doing, why are you making us realise again and again. Just because of these movie gain popularity amongst people, that does not mean you will top the box office also.
Don’t expect too much from this movie, watch it only if you want to watch Tapsee, otherwise no fair reason enough to watch same concept cinema. Since this is the first attempt of releasing prequel after releasing sequel, I see this as an intresting idea. I’m gonna watch Baby now to relate easily.

Ratings: 2.5 on 5 : The first half and second half has no link at all. I still gave 1 point extra just because it portrayed woman empowerment. Rest for efforts of Tapsee.