There still exist people out there who are dedicated to making this community better and take pride in doing so, regardless of whether they do so by volunteering or for that matter donating to charity. They undertake works as easy as tidying up the streets of your local community, this small step goes a long way in making things around us much better. The people doing so are a source of motivation to us and inspire us each day to do our part. Now, some people like to do exactly the opposite. These people care for no one except for themselves.

They eat up all the good happening in society for their reasons. There’s a popular saying that you get what you deserve. There is much power in the concept of karma and the world will exactly deliver things to your plate based on the actions you make in life. While some people would instead take up the case into their own hands instead of waiting for karma to happen.

The case today is exactly what we are talking about this motorcycle rider and when a less than favourable act occurs, well let’s say it’s immediately considered to give those selfish people a lesson. Look at the video below, you won’t believe this happens!

Supposedly in this town littering will catch back at you if this rider catches you red-handed. We are not suggesting that taking things into their own hands is probably a brilliant idea, but these people got exactly what they needed. They are officially a litterbug renegade!