People always ask what are the must visit cafes in Mumbai ? It is not masked to anybody about the ‘moh’ of the ‘mayanagri’; there is something about the city that never sleeps; something that magnetizes the crowd to crawl into the city. The “mmmm” moment while gulping delicious pav bhaji on Juhu beach, the crowd gathered over red-hot ‘mannat house’; it’s the little things that make Mumbai mammoth!

7 must visit cafes in Mumbai

Making vows to visit Siddhi Vinayak temple, daily hustles in locals, that longing to go to linking road for shopping pretty much sum up life in “aamchi Mumbai”. If you are the ‘foodie-one’, Mumbai will never disappoint you and we are sure that after reading this article you will surely visit all these 7 must visit cafes in Mumbai.

1) Chhayos

When there are dozens of cafes serving coffee, the city is still a huge fan of chai! Chhayos gives the option to my fellow tea lovers to try hari mirch chai, aam papad chai or from 25 varieties of tea which are customizable in over 12000 ways!

2) Kyani bakery & co. – Mumbai’s oldest Irani café

Kyani bakery & co. – Mumbai’s oldest Irani caféImage Via :

Tables topped with red checker mats, wood shelves, jars full of cookies; the decor of the kyani signifies the oldest Parsi cafe. Being also famous for breakfast option; they serve the best customary maska bun. They have kept a place for proteins in form of Parsi scrambled egg dish on toast known as ‘akuri’ coupled with cardamom- rich Irani chai.

3) Hard rock cafe

hard rock cafe mumbai

Get ready to experience bright and breezy if you are planning to step in one of the best live music venues in the city. The cafe is ornamented with set pieces from legendary musicians like Elvis Presley, Madonna, and Led Zeppelin. Featured with a double stage for concurring performances, it has taken bars on different levels.

4) Cat cafe studio

cat cafe studio mumbai

Image Via : The Indian Express

Wanna impress any animal lover? Take your date here! Cat café currently hosts between 30-40 cats nearly. Snuggling cute cats and having your favorite hazelnut espresso would obviously make your day out worth.

5) Grandma’s all day cafe

Grandma’s all day cafe

Image Via : YouTube

We all remember about the time spent at granny’s place during holidays & eventually putting our weights on! It is indeed no one can beat grandma’s cooking. This café is perfect for continental food lovers. The menu varies from aachari khichdi to chicken shawarma. If we talk about interiors believe it or not you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off from windows in white lacy curtains; magical isn’t it!

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6) Café hydro

cafe hydro mumbai

Image Via : Firefly Daily

If you haven’t done underwater diving here comes stoppage of your inquisitiveness! Café hydro will get you unique aquatic feels. It is three tier aquarium where roofs and walls are transparent. Coming to the food don’t forget to try their kaafir lime mocktail; their in-house specialty. You will also find a pinch of Indonesian flavor in all their dishes.

7) Prithvi cafe

7 must visit cafes in MumbaiImage Via : LBB

Prithvi café is a piece of Mumbai’s history. The place is attached to theatre surrounded by palm trees, orange lanterns with their low glow, comfortably cushioned box stools and it is OPEN-AIR CAFÉ; now you feel all over the moon. You might meet some theatre artist nearby. And about the beverages; their Irish coffee is attention catcher so you may end up rushing today rather than waiting for weekoffs!

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