Religious tourism holds an important position in a country like India. People from all over the country go on religious tours to worship the Gods. These religious sites are spread all over India from the farthest North to the extreme South. So, it is evident that these spots turn into cultural hubs and this has been going on for centuries. One such place in India is the city of Puri situated in the Eastern state of Odisha. The city is situated on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. Flocks of people visit it for the Sri Jagannath temple which was constructed in the 11th century. So, the city now has several things to offer for the tourists coming for either the purpose of worship or for relaxation in the beach destination. Hotels in Puri are in abundance so accommodation will never be an issue.

Things that you can do in Puri:


things to do in puriWhen you are at any place, you should definitely fix an itinerary so that you can actually enjoy it to the fullest. So, here are some things that you can do in Puri:

1) Wake up to enjoy the sunset at Puri beach: Sunsets are especially beautiful when you are at a beach destination. In Puri, this is a must as the beach is quiet and you can actually experience the sunset in the unadulterated nature. You will be amazed to have the sea breeze as your companion. We can guarantee you that you wouldn’t be the only one at the beach as several tourists actually visit the beach to enjoy the same spectacle.

2) Visit the Jagannath Temple: The temple complex is generally regarded as a place of worship. But it is definitely much more than that as you are actually at a place that was built several centuries ago. So, along with praying you should also know the historical importance of the temple. In the complex, you can actually visit several other small temples after you have seen the main one. We will also recommend you to have the food that is offered to the Gods.

3) Shop around the market: You cannot exit Puri without shopping at the several shops that you see around there. You have to visit the stores selling Odisha handicraft products and especially the traditional Odisha handloom pieces. The markets are also famous for buying utensils. You can also shop from the hawkers that sit by the beach in the evening.

4) Taste the Cuisine: In Puri, you can get authentic Odisha food at several places. One of their specialties is the ‘Goja’ that you can get at several sweet shops. Other than that the Rasgulla, Milk cake and others form a huge part. Another important thing has to be the seafood. You will see stalls by the beach that sell fried fish and prawns and they taste delicious.

So, here are a few of the things that you can do in Puri. We will also recommend you to visit the different beaches and historical places like Konarak and Udaigiri caves when you are in Puri. It is an amazing destination and you will definitely fall in love with the place when you visit it.