The iSkysoft data recovery software is considered as a trusted software to restore deleted data. The software is compatible with all of devices and data formats. Moreover, the software provider also provides a system which helps Android and iPhone devices to keep its performance. Let’s discuss the function of the software before using it.

The Function of iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

iSkysoft Data Recovery SoftwareRecover Deleted Data from Any Kind of Devices

The first function of iSkysoft data recovery is helping you to recover deleted data. You can recover the deleted data from PC, computer, external drives, digital camera, flash disk, smartphone, and many more.

Recover Deleted Data No Matter the Cause

It is not only about the devices but also the cause of the deleted data. The software is able to restore deleted data because of accidentally deleted data, virus attack, system crash, lost partition, removed from the Recycle Bin, formatted disk, and many more.

Recover All File Formats of Deleted Data

So, what kind of file types the iSkysoft data recovery software can handle? The good news is that the software is able to recover over 1000 file types. The file types are including documents, graphics, videos, emails, audio, and many others. You just need to scan the disk or system and then the software gives you the result no matter the file format.

Recover Data from the Computer as well as other Storage Devices Easily

Another function of the iSkysoft data recovery software is to recover data from computer and any storage device. The software is compatible with some file systems including the NTFS, the FAT16, the FAT32, or the exFAT. The most important thing to notify is that you are not allowed to repair the partition or write new data to the partition or disk if you want to find the deleted data. Those two actions might overwrite the deleted data and it is impossible to recover those data. So, just make sure that you scan the system first with the software before repairing the partition or writing new data. The software can be used to scan deleted data from USB drive, Micro SD card, camcorder, music player, and floppy disk. Indeed, it is compatible with a hard drive, SSD, laptop, desktop, Macintosh, iPod, and many more.

Improve Smartphone and iOS Devices with iSkysoft Toolbox

Besides recover data from computer and any storage device, the data recovery software provider is also offering software for improving the performance of smartphone and iOS devices. The users just need to use the software namely iSkysoft toolbox. This toolbox is also able to do some functions.

Recover Deleted Data in Android and iOS

Just like the iSkysoft data recovery software, the toolbox is also able to recover the lost or deleted data whether for Android and iOS devices. You just need to follow the instructions and you can get the deleted data and use it just like what you want. Read the instructions carefully because there is a different instruction between Android and iOS users.

Backup and Restore

Backup and restore are one of the best functions of the software. You have to manage your mobile phone to backup data regularly so you don’t lose it. If you lose the data you can still open and use the backup data. On the other hand, the software also helps to restore the deleted data in case that you need it right away and you can’t find it on the mobile phones.

Transfer Data from the Mobile Phones to Another Device

There is a case that you want to transfer data from your beloved Android or iOS to the other devices such as computer or iTunes. You don’t have to get confused anymore because now you can use the software to transfer the important data from the mobile phone to another device. As the result, you can use the data from the mobile phone right away in the most comfortable device.

Repair Some iOS System Issues

Interestingly, iSkysoft data recovery software is not only recovering the deleted data but the software is able to repair your mobile phone, especially iOS. The software will detect the possible problems on the iOS and then repair it. You just need to follow the instruction and let the software repairs your beloved iOS. The most important thing, there will be no data lost or deleted during the repair process.

Now, you know that iSkysoft is not only offering iSkysoft data recovery software to restore deleted data. But the provider also ready with iSkysoft toolbox which helps you to have a great mobile phone.

Summary: This article explains the function of using iSkysoft data recovery software and iSkysoft toolbox.