It is very difficult to capture the real essence of a moment on his/her lens, If you ask a photographer how they clicked a image and you will realise how much efforts it takes to generate such beautiful pictures. You never know when that perfect shot will be coming, It just clicks at the perfect time and that becomes your best shot.

On Wednesday Nayan Khanolkar a 42 year old photographer from Mumbai was awarded the prestigious Urban Wildlife prize in London. He won for his stunning photo called “The Alley Cat”.

mumbai photographer wins the prestigious Urban Wildlife prize

His photo shows a silent leopard staring directly into his lens. Leapord is seen sitting under the yellow bulb lit between two splattered homes. Around 50,000 people participated in this event from 90 different competition.

Tim Laman won prestigious annual Wildlife Photography award for capturing a Bornean orangutan in the Indonesian rainforest.

Entwined Lives

tim Bornean captured orangutan in the Indonesian rainforest

Following images will be displayed at Natural History Museum in London and after that photographers will get ti travel around the world to capture beautiful photos.

The Moon And The Crow

The Moon And The Crow

Road To Destruction

Road To Destruction photography

Requiem For An Owl

Requiem For An Owl

Beautiful, aren’t they !