Problems are not ending for the Mumbaikars. The city is already the epicenter of Corona in India. Many people lost their jobs, while many are waiting for their salaries. People were having hopes that the situation might come under control once the lockdown lifts off. However, it seems all their wait is in vain.

First June was the first day of Unlock – 1. In these 23 days of June, there is an increase of Rs. 10/Litre in the value of petrol. Because of this increase in petrol prices, the people who just started going to the office are suffering a lot! Mumbai Locals are back on track from 15th June. But, it is only for the essential service staff workers.

Therefore, the people who have to go office, have to opt for their own vehicle. In a city like Mumbai, where offices and houses are on two different ends, the situation becomes terrible for everyone. Today in Mumbai, the rate of petrol is Rs. 86.04/Litre today.

What is the main cost of Price Rise in Petrol?

It is not only about Mumbai, but entire India is also going through this. In each and every state of India, the price of petrol is gradually increasing. Because of breakdown of economic activities, government couldn’t earn much revenue. Apart from that, government did spend a good amount to provide food and health treatment to the people.

It is noteworthy that if in Mumbai the petrol becomes costlier by Re. 1/Litre. It will add up to Rs. 140 Crore of revenue annually. Considering this rise, the state is going to add up Rs. 700 Crore to their revenue with this.

The lockdown was difficult for petrol pump owners. Due to a lack of transportation, it was difficult for them to meet their needs. Since the restrictions are now taken off, it seems Ache Din are back for them. There are 243 operational petrol pumps in the city!