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To use this Facebook video downloader tool, just copy the video URL from Fb and past in the search bar.

Sample URL: https://www.facebook.com/dontgetserious/videos/2035400040036445/

How To Download Facebook Videos?

Don't get serious makes it simple to download Facebook videos. Follow the steps given below to download videos from Facebook for free.

1) Open Facebook and search the video which you want to download. 

2) You need Facebook video URL/Link to download the video, so there are 2 ways to get the video URL: 

i) Click on the video then copy the URL from address bar as seen in the screenshot below:

ii) Right-click on the video which you want to download:

iii) Now, copy that URL

3) Now, open don’t get serious, paste the video URL that you have copied in the search box and click on the "Download" button.

4) After that, your video is ready to download. You will be asked to select whether you want to download HD Video or SD video, choose whichever you want. That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does Facebook video downloader download videos from Facebook?

When you copy the link/URL of the Facebook video that you want to download, the FB video downloader server will send a request to Facebook and fetches the data from the FB page where the video is uploaded. After that our Facebook video downloader script will crawl for the video uploaded on FB through the link and download it for you in High Quality.

2) Why does Facebook video start playing on clicking the download button?

When you will click on download after you paste the link it will start playing the Facebook video instead of downloading it because of security concerns. The security protocol of the web browser does not allow third-party content download so you will be redirected to the location of the video and there you will get the option to download Facebook video once it starts playing.

3) Why I'm getting an error on Facebook video download?

Some videos that are going viral on Facebook are private or shared from personal profiles and cannot be accessed without a login. For those videos, you can download videos from our Facebook private video downloader.

4) What is the format of the downloaded Facebook video?

It depends on the quality of the video uploaded on Facebook by the owner. Our Facebook video downloader will try best to provide you result in HD and SD quality both. You can choose from any of the options and save Facebook videos to your computer or smartphones for free. However, In some cases, the quality of videos might be poor as the video uploaded by the owner will not be of good quality.

5) In which format Facebook videos get downloaded?

Facebook will download the video in MP4 format as it stores all the videos in MP4 format on the server.

6) How to download live Facebook Videos?

To download live Facebook video, all you have to do is just wait for the live video to the end and enter the link/URL of live video online in Facebook video downloader.

7) Where are the Facebook videos getting saved after I download them?

When you download videos from FB video downloader, all the downloaded videos are saved in the recent download folders in your pc and in the same way for smartphones also FB videos are saved in the download folder only.

You can also download Instagram videos from our website.


Note: We don't host any pirated or copyright content on our website. All the videos are downloaded directly from the Facebook CDN from our script.

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