Heavy vehicles like Trucks & Buses are usually considered as mens toys. To drive such big vehicles you need lot of concentration and physical strength. Usually you don’t see any women driving this vehicle, but not anymore. Mumbai has got it’s first female Best drives and we are really happy about it. In recent time lot of women have been breaking lot of stereotypes and doing things which only men used to do in the past.

You will be surprised to know that this super lady is just 24 years old and yea, She is not a car driver but a bus driver. She can navigate bus on the streets of Mumbai. Lot of female don’t drive on streets of Mumbai because of lots of traffic, but this brave lady can drive heavy vehicle. Pratiksha Das has studied Mechanical Engineering from Thakur College and she said that her love for heavy vehicle is not sudden, She has been driving Bikes, large cars and now a bus. She said, She can easily drive bus and trucks and yes it she feels really good about it.

Pratiksha wanted to become a RTO officer and for that you need to have heavy vehicle driving license as it is compulsory, She wanted to learn bus driving so this was the best time for her. Pratiksha impressed everyone with her driving skills, Her Best Bus trainer was surprised to see a lady taking up bus driving. She said for the first time, Her bus trainers were so tensed and kept saying, ‘Yeh ladki chala paaygi ke nahi?’.

She said that you need strength to drive a bus and the trainers were afraid as she is just 5’4 tall. She told them she can drive heavy vehicles and even race cars at top speed.

People stopped & started staring at her when she drove on the streets of Mumbai

She did a 30 days training schedule where she learnt basic to advance training. On the first day she was made to drive in the depot to check if it is right to train her or not. On the second day she drove 16 kms to Eastern Express Highway in the morning at 6:30. She also drove on western express highway but got stick for 1.5 hours. This gave her confidence and later on her trainers slownly started letting her take the bus on the road in traffic.

Her Dreams is to fly an eroplane.

Her next goal is to fly an aeroplane. She said, Once she has enough money she is going to join Mumbai flying school. This course is not easy and takes around 6 lakh rupees for a 40 hour course.

But, for now travel is her main agenda, She is travelling to Ladakh on a bike trip for 15 days. She is a true biker and it is every bike lovers dream to ride on that road once in their life.

Pratiksha’s story is inspiring, More power to her.